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4 Sayings of the odun Iroso Okana and their meanings Keep your word!

Iroso Okana Sayings

Iroso Okana is an odun where there are no excuses and no time to waste.

It is in this letter where it is considered taboo for the religious to delegate their own responsibilities to others, especially if they are related to the care and raising of children.

Well, in this sign you can sin both by excess and by default, going to the extremes of overprotecting or abandoning your children to their fate.

1. be engaña who doesn't know

The first saying of the sign refers to the need and importance of learning, since knowledge is the only immortal weapon that exists on earth.

A prepared man will never be defeated and will be far from being deceived at the hands of malicious people.

In Iroso Okana it is forbidden to tell lies, because the deceptions will be discovered prematurely, leaving embarrassments and enmities with their revelation.

2. Word given, word pawned

The commitments that are acquired with other human beings must be fulfilled, because once the word is committed, the religious is obliged to be consistent with their actions.

Therefore, Ifá recommends not to make false promises or commit to things that you will know beforehand that you will not be able to fulfill.

3. Who is a friend of the dog of the house enters and leaves the house without being discovered

Iroso Okana is an odun who talks about friendship and its value.

This sign advises against seeking affinity with people out of interest.

orunmila predicts the planning of a robbery in your home where a person who knows you well will be an accessory to the crime.

Be careful because if you have dogs they run the risk of being poisoned to access the ilé (house) more easily.

In this odun, treason reigns out of greed.

4. The father loves his children so much that he takes out his eyes

Ifá says that you are very overprotective of everyone around you, especially your children and for this reason you do not like anyone to correct them, even when they make mistakes.

With this attitude you will be harmed, because it will deform their personality and in the future when you want to modify your character it will be too late to do so.

Iroso Okana also warns about the tax nature that exists in your home where you are the dominant person.

Let your children fly and allow them to make their own decisions, do not clip their wings and you will see how they can go far with their own efforts.

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