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6 Sayings of the Odun of Ifá Iwori Bogbe: Their meanings and advice

Iwori Bogbe Sayings

Iwori Bogbe is an Ifa odun mediated by the head, because once it is lost, everything in life collapses.

Family, betrayal and loss of opportunities are constant suffered by the religious under this sign.

1. gone With the Wind

In this odun they speak:

  • The memories of the past
  • the opportunities that were wasted and
  • the need to draw on memories to be happy.

In this letter the religious is in the duty of living his life to the fullest for when the time comes to leave this world the person does not leave with pending accounts.

In Iwori Bogbe, man can recall his memories, but he cannot live tied to his past.

Take advantage of the opportunities that arise in your life and do not miss them because they will not appear at your destination twice.

2. With calm everything comes to normal

In Iwori Bogbe comes calm and with it follows the natural course of life.

You cannot live or do anything in a hurry, take your time to plan your strategies and carry out your actions.

Their success will be mediated by the caution with which you carry out your strategies.

3. The fallen tree leaves, toys of the wind are

With this phrase orunmila It means that:

  • Once opportunities are missed, they are no longer worth anything and the person again finds himself stranded at the same point where he was previously.

4. I washed a head and it came out stained

Iwori Bogbe is an Ifá that marks treason.

In this letter the person can help his fellow men, but it is forbidden to sacrifice himself for others because ingratitude will be the payment for his good deeds.

In this odun, the religious must be cautious when selecting those who will be his godchildren, as they may be ungrateful.

5. You were born to be the master of the dog

With this saying Orunmila refers to the fact that Iwori Bogbe is a sign where the human being was born to be a leader and guide others.

Due to this it is considered a sign where the religious becomes head of the family and main priest in his religious house.

6. Everything you know must be part of what you don't know

The religious in this odun is forbidden to tell his secrets.

In this sign it is vitally important to remain silent because when counting aspirations the person may see their opportunities withered or simply lose them.

  • You must deny having knowledge of gossip.
  • Do not get involved in gossip as you will lose out.
  • In Iwori Bogbe, for talking too much, the person is discredited.

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