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2 Sayings and their Advice for this 2024 according to the Letter of the year

Sayings letter 2024

This year, 2024, is just beginning and we are already witnessing the manifestation of various situations that reflect the advice and predictions issued in the Letter of the Year. Remember that this document, rooted in ancestral traditions, serves as guide to understanding and facing challenges and opportunities that the year brings with it.

And as we move forward, it is essential pay attention to these guidelines, as they allow us to navigate more clearly through the circumstances that arise, guiding us towards more informed decisions and more effective actions.

In this sense, Ifá sayings also provide us with a vision of the future, and a compass to orient ourselves in the present, helping us achieve our goals with wisdom and resilience. Let's see a little about those tips from the sign. Here I tell you 2 of the many sayings of him.

  • Regent Sign 2024: Irete Otura (Irete Suka)
  • First Witness: Ika Ogunda
  • Second Witness: Otura Ogunda

1st saying: Ignorance makes a free man a slave man

  • Be very careful because our ignorance can turn us into servants, leading us to make decisions and actions that limit our personal freedom.

Tips that will help us this year:

  1. Seek spiritual knowledge: Dedicating time to studying and understanding the principles of the Osha-Ifá religion so as not to fall into ignorance that can limit our spiritual freedom.
  2. Consult with elders: Turn to the elders and leaders of the religious community for guidance and wisdom, thus avoiding misunderstandings.
  3. Learn from our mistakes: Recognize and correct any misunderstanding or wrong practice on the religious path.
  4. Sharing knowledge: We not only seek to learn, but also to share our knowledge with those who may benefit.

2nd saying: Mother is not only the one who gives birth, but also the one who raises.

Motherhood is not only limited to the act of giving birth, but also includes the role of raising and caring for a child. Being a mother involves more than the biological connection; encompasses the responsibility and love involved in raising and daily caring for a child, regardless of genetic relationship.

This saying gives us its wisdom in the form of advice:

  1. Honor our ancestors: It is of utmost importance to maintain the connection with our ancestors and follow their values ​​to raise our children with respect and love.
  2. Instill spiritual values: Share the teachings of Osha-Ifá to guide our children on the path of spirituality and respect for the divine.
  3. Be an example: Practice the virtues that Osha-Ifá promote, showing our children the way to follow through your own behavior.
  4. Offer spiritual guidance: Provide spiritual support to our children, helping them understand their roles in the religious community and in society in general.

In the next post, we will continue to explore more sayings and explore how to carry them out correctly without disrespecting others.

Proverbs, as expressions of popular wisdom, have an intrinsic value that transcends generations. However, following them properly requires an understanding of their context and meaning, the important thing is to open ourselves to his wisdom to listen to the advice of our ancestors through them. Blessings for you.

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