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3 Sayings of Odi Leke, guiding sign of 2021 Powerful advice!

Sayings Odi Leke

Odi Leke is an Ifa odun where you have to ask every day for the blessing OshunBecause this saint with her refreshing river waters cleanses the path of the religious, offering him new opportunities with each dawn.

In this letter the person is prone to win the lottery by advising another person a number.

1. Make yourself worthy of a favor, otherwise you won't deserve it

This is one of Odi Leke's guiding sayings.

Sign where the religious must be tactful with the favors he performs because by gratitude he can be enslaved.

In this letter, the person has the duty to help others as far as his means disinterestedly, because in the future he may need to be helped and he will only be able to reap the help he requires if he knew how to sow the favors previously performed with kindness.

Odi Leke is an Ifá where favors are not requested by throwing stones, because in this way nothing will be obtained.

It is an odun where patience and humility will lead the person through fruitful paths, it being better to have a friend in each town that is reached than to have a hundred enemies.

2. Misfortune is born of malevolence and not of fate

Misfortune comes to the life of the religious for many reasons, either due to a curse sent or due to the weight of his own actions.

Where karma comes to collect the damages caused to strictly give man a lesson in life.

In this sign, the person receives very hard tests to overcome, which with faith and willpower come to be exceeded.  

In this odun the person must do good and take the path of honest work, sincerity and peace if he wants to know true happiness.

3. A deaf dog is useless for hunting

The senses are vital for both animals and humans, when the hunting dog loses its hearing it is replaced by another.

Therefore, Odi Leke is an Ifá that speaks of impersonation, where the old is replaced by the new.

In this letter the most capable person occupies the vacant position:

The man who perseveres and prepares for life will have more opportunities than the one who sees his future pass without lifting a finger to try to make it more fruitful.

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