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4 Sayings of the odun of Ifá Ofun Meyi: Beware of the stalking of enemies

Sayings Ofun Meyi

In Ofun Meyi the person cannot be unsuspecting or unprepared.

The enemies of the religious in this sign stalk him to harm him and take revenge.

Always be clear about your objective and the goal to reach it will be clearer and closer.

1. The wind said: I can't kill the king, but I blow his hat off

In Ofun Meyi the wind was convinced that with its air he could not kill the king, but he knew that if it blew a little harder it would knock down his hat.

In this letter the person has many enemies, some of these know that they will never be able to defeat him, but even so they will do everything possible to cause him some damage.

Do not trust people who you think can never harm you, because they will have strategies to at least make you worry.

You can never give up, when you think you will not reach the goal, try harder and even if it is, you will skim the tape.

2. The rivers run dry, but the sea will never run dry

The rivers, even if they have great flow, can dry up, but the sea will never be extinguished.

This is how it should happen with your way of facing life, although there are projects that suffer the same fate of the river, you should be able to take refuge in your plan B, which will be the sea.

Plan that will allow you to get new and better ideas, goals that will lead you to success if you are able to persevere.

Don't settle for what you don't want, fight until you get what truly fills you up.

3. Death is never far or tired

Death is a sure proposition in our lives, it gives us years of advantage, but when it arrives and claims us, we leave with it.

In this Ifá the person is closely related to death and spirits, to such a degree that he can be heard by them without the need for intermediaries.

Due to the strong connection that the religious has with the astral plane, he is warned by the Eggunes to face what will happen.

4. Death cannot digest the soul of the person

Although the body decomposes and over the years it turns to dust, the soul of the person is immortal.

The spirit will not be lost if it is remembered and cared for by loved ones.

Death takes the soul, but does not do so to consume it but to guide it towards the kingdom of Olofin.

Remember that death does not understand differences or social classes, nor does it have a commitment to anyone, when the supreme Orisha sends it, it simply fulfills its mission.

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