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Three sayings of the Ifá Ogbara Oshe and their meaning: Powerful Tips

Ogbara Oshe Sayings

Through these three sayings belonging to the sign Ogbara Oshe, orula instructs the religious in elementary principles:

  • Respect,
  • the truth and
  • discretion.

Because they are considered the three basic pillars of Osha-Ifá.

1. The mouth that tasted salt cannot spit sweet

Man thinks how he lives, because the environment in which he relates in one way or another ends up conditioning him.

A person who receives negative actions will never be able to respond peacefully.

In this Ifá the religious receives attacks and when he defends himself the enemy takes offense claiming that his adversary has a bad character.

  • You must always keep one word and cannot allow your decisions to be modified by gossip, speak the truth and have a clear conscience at night.
  • Do not give references or witness what you do not know, so that your prestige does not fall to the ground.

2. Lack of discretion distorts plans

In Ogbara Oshe, discretion is the key to success, because when the religious keeps his plans secret, they come to fruition without any problem.

If, on the contrary, you leave your goals in the public eye to be achieved, you will have to overcome an innumerable series of obstacles.

Plans are distorted because the enemy puts his bad thoughts in them so that the person does not achieve the happiness he wants to obtain.

  • Give no clues about your goals and victory will be waiting for you with open arms.
  • Silence will bring you new and better opportunities.

3. A quiet tongue makes a wise head

Wisdom begins to be obtained when the person realizes that he must remain silent to achieve success.

Not only because the enemy does not rest in spoiling your dreams, but because there are situations and circumstances in which it is more prudent to remain silent than to speak.

The religious:

  • Does not clear up gossip,
  • does not raise his voice to the elderly,
  • nor does his elders fail to speak.

These are basic principles in religion, even when he's right to win.

Being the person capable of internalizing these pillars will reach a higher degree of maturity and can be considered a wise person.

You are a person who must be moved by intelligence and good deeds, continue to learn to hold back from the call of impulsiveness. 

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