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5 Sayings of Ogbe Ojuani, where you help but they do not correspond to you

Sayings Ogbe Ojuani

You are a person who has sacrificed for many friends, but when it comes to repaying the favor, they have failed to reciprocate.

Many people benefit from your work, who thanks to your effort are cordial and friends, but the day you stop reporting earnings they will put it aside.

So dedicate yourself to being happy and feeling good yourself and let the world think what it wants to think.

1. You remember Santa Barbara when it thunders

Odi Ojuani is an odun where the person is a believer in his own way, this sign warns of the danger of attending only to the saints when you want to obtain a favor from them and not periodically.

Ifá says that in this sign the person is lost for being interested.

You cannot leave your affairs to the last minute, do not be a finalist and you will win all your wars.

2. A word of encouragement encourages the man

With this saying orula wants to tell Ogbe Ojuani that in life the advice and criticism that is offered should always be constructive and not send hate or bad energy with these messages.

Ogbe Ojuani will go far if he has someone to guide and support him through difficult times, because with a word of encouragement Ogbe Ojuani can become invincible.

3. You know for others, but for you you know nothing

You are a person who likes to give very good advice to your loved ones, but when it comes to applying these words to yourself, things change, because sometimes you are not able to decide for yourself what is best for your life .

Orula advises you to put indecision aside and use your intelligence where it truly benefits you.

4. Where you go up you have to go down

When you make a decision, you must keep your word to the end regardless of the consequences.

Do not worry about what they will say and stay well with yourself that in the long run is what matters.

The path you choose can lead to success or failure, but whatever path you have taken, you must be convinced that you got there because that was your wish and not because no one influenced your decision.

In this sign dreams are conquered alone.

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