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Sayings and wisdom of Ifá in a test of knowledge

Ifá Sayings Says

Ifá is love, wisdom and humility, therefore each of its sayings and teachings leads us to our destiny, to the path of truth and good.

His sacred word contains the mysterious path of knowledge.

A path that helps us to grow spiritually, to develop ourselves, to find on earth the true meaning of being and to achieve our mission in life.

That is why we have made this compilation of Ifá sayings, because in some way it makes us reflect on the decisions we make in our journey of being and doing in this life.

It allows us to realize that every day we must try to be better and distribute love and hope as we go.

Know these 10 Sayings of Ifá:

  1. In the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed man is king.
  2. If you dress naked and show your favor, you have not dressed him.
  3. The ideas of a good man are like a gold ingot.
  4. Sometimes the disease is called non-compliance.
  5. Stretch your hand as far as it will go.
  6. They pay just for sinners when the judge is dishonest.
  7. An arrow does not kill a thought.
  8. If water doesn't rain, corn doesn't grow.
  9. To sentence a trial, both parties must be heard.
  10. Do not leave the true, for the doubtful.

Challenge knowledge by completing these sayings and don't forget to share the result with everyone, help us spread the word.

Ifá Says Test: 10 Sayings

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