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Worship, traditions and secrets of "La Regla de la Osha"

Osha rule

The Osha ruler is a branch of the Yoruba Religion which saw its origins on the African continent.

It is not known exactly when man began to profess it, more data are collected that native peoples already worshiped their deities called Orishas, ​​with rites very similar to those we know today.

Data that were recorded thanks to archaeological and pictographic studies carried out by researchers and historians.

The Practice of Santeria in Cuba

Santeria elements

The Osha Rule had its first practices in the colonial period in Cuba, with the arrival of the first slaves from the African continent.

Their organized system of worship towards their deities underwent transformations and modifications as a result of a process of religious syncretism in which the Orishas had to adopt the names of Christian saints to continue being worshiped by their devotees without repression.

The Rule of Osha is the most widespread branch of the Yoruba religion and more popularly rooted in the customs and traditions in Cuba, counting on a large number of supporters on the national territory.

What characterizes Santeria?

Otán santeria meaning

Santeria is based on devotion to the Orishas, Yoruba deities in charge of rewarding men with health, development, happiness and other blessings.

Those that will depend on the merit of each human being at the same time that they impose punishments on unseemly and unjust acts.

Ritual elements and divination:

The ritual elements in this religious branch are very important. They are often related to natural elements such as:

  • stones,
  • herbs and
  • snails.

Also playing divination, an important role, being the heart of most ceremonies.

Search for the shelter and protection of the Orishas:

The need for protection and shelter from paranormal events are another of the key points within Santeria, as the protection of the Orishas is the protection required to overcome misfortune and adversity.

Religious hierarchical order:

This theological aspect is established through a hierarchical order that includes from the aleyos or religious not yet initiated, to the santeros and other high-ranking priests.

Position that is given by the religious knowledge they have and the years of religious consecration they have.

How to be a good religious?

Elements of Santeria

The Rule of Osha seeks rescue in their practices the family as a pillar fundamental, since its unification is one of the best kept secrets of religion, being this source of blessings and shelter for human beings.

Santeria recognizes the need for the religious be above all a good human being and possess values, since they are two fundamental requirements that are needed to obtain the approval and the benefit of the deities and of the religious brothers.   

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