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Did you know that Reiki is practiced in Cuba? Energy healing power

Reiki in Cuba

Reiki is an esoteric practice that saw its maximum splendor in the West, a region where the art and science of healing with energy grew with great force.

The same discipline that for some years knocked on the door of our Caribbean island to stay and form part of our idiosyncrasy and culture.

This discipline goes beyond a mystical practice because for many Reiki has become a large part of their lifestyle.

Reiki is a Japanese term born as it is easy to deduce in the land of the rising sun, this word results from the union of two terms:

  • king which means spiritual force spread throughout the universe and
  • Ki circulating energy within living things.

For all the aforementioned, this discipline is considered a bioenergetic practice.

The method of laying on of hands.

Reiki healing in Cuba

Healing is one of the main goals of ReikiThis requires the use of a method known as laying on of hands on an individual, a practice that must be developed by a Reikista master, who is empowered to carry out such a task.

To carry out this technique relaxation is necessary so it is essential to find a place in harmony where you can quickly reach a state of well-being and inner peace.

Once these requirements have been obtained, the teacher must channel his own energy and that of the individual on whom he is going to intervene in order to start developing the healing technique.

Reiki, its techniques and its secrets.

Today there are numerous aspects on how to develop this discipline, one of the currents advocates conserving each ritual in a traditional way, while other schools have made adaptations in the way of proceeding.

The truth is that these practices based on energy and symbols have grown and evolved over the years without radically losing their essence.

The techniques of meditation, acupressure, bioenergetic massages, aromatherapy, music therapy, healing and hypnosis, which are governed by this mystical current are often supported after the use of pendulums, quartz and pyramids, elements that are used in order to channel Energy.

The practitioners of this current say they feel great well-being after performing their practices, an opinion that rejoices us to a certain extent.

They mention having seen and felt in themselves a great positive change in their lives after entering this discipline where they affirm that the most important thing is to flow with the universe and listen to the interior of our body, which sometimes desperately asks us for a spiritual change in favor of becoming better human beings.

  • For information: In Cuba, the First dojo or space for healing and instruction of Tibetan reiki takeda ryu is located at Calle Merced No. 162 e / Habana y Damas, Habana Vieja, Ciudad Habana.

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