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Abakuá: the arrival of the cult to Cuba

Abakuá religion in Cuba

Abakua, the society of men, of the brave, of Cubans, of Creoles.

Abakua It is a secret society of Cuban origin where only males are accepted, the only one of its kind existing in the American continent until today. Its members are known as abakuas or ñáñigos and had its origin in 1820 among newly arrived black slaves.

Since its origins almost two centuries ago and due to the secrecy of its cults, legends and myths have prevailed that accuse its members of not playing positive roles in society.

However, over the decades, abakuas They have demonstrated their support for social causes, their courage and their strength in defending the weakest, despite the fact that many beliefs of this religious practice remain hidden.

Today, languages, dances and liturgies have already been disseminated, along with other religious expressions of African origin in Cuba, but they keep many of their rituals secret and the basis of the practices of their religion remain hidden.

Emergence of the Abakuá Society in Cuba

In Cuba, the Secret Society Abakuá arose from the Carabalí Bríkamo council, who authorized the creation of Efik Butón, the first entity Abakua on the Island, made up of black descendants of slaves.

The ñañiguismo is also an expression of African beliefs, brought by Nigerian slaves, who founded the secret society.

From the beginning, men over 21 years of age whose value system complies with the code were admitted Abakua, how to be manly and brave.

The Society was secret in its beginnings, because at the time of its emergence in the 1830s, any meeting of Creole blacks with those of the nation was prohibited.

But by 1836 the abakuas They began to spread throughout Cuba from the town of Regla. Years later, societies were established throughout the Island, the main characteristic of which was that their members were still only male.

Evolution of the Abakuá

Today, the Abakuá Society has evolved in its practices, even in 1998 an attempt was made to Abakua to the United States, but due to the zeal with which the traditions of this religious expression are kept in Cuba, it was not achieved.

However, they are already registered in the National Registry of Associations of the Island and participate in events such as the IV International Colloquium on Research on Afro-American Religions, of the Cuban Institute of Anthropology.

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