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Lucumí religion and its worship of deities

Lucumi religion

The practice of Lucumí religion It is the most common in Cuba ... it is the rite made up of the worship of the main Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon. TO obbatala, Oyá, Oshun, Yemaya and the most representative African deities, the lucumies they implore his blessings.

Lucumi is a term that described centuries ago, the slaves from the Yoruba area sold to the Spanish and Portuguese.

Then the word lucumí went on to qualify slave performance.

They were called like that, to those who were in good physical condition and could be easily sold to perform hard tasks in the New World.

Currently, it is said that the origin of the word lucumí actually comes from the Yoruba greeting "olukumi", which means "my friend" and was frequently used by slaves, but may have been transformed by popular speech over the years. .

Lucumí and the history of the Yoruba religion

As well lucumí designates the Yoruba religion or Regla de Ocha and it has traditional elements such as spiritism.

 El Pantheon lucumí It is made up of approximately 201 deities, each of them related to some nature element.

And it is that the natural forces were deified and awarded to those who, according to legend, were kings and representatives of the Yoruba people.

La rLucumí election has its origins in the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria, although in some countries such as Cuba, syncretized with religion catholic, because the slaves were prohibited from practicing their religion and decided to continue worshiping their deities in secret, through Catholic symbols.

Lucumian divinities

La Lucumi religion it is a confluence of various religions and traditions.

Presents the Santeria, ancestral practice of devotion and respect for the divinities. This mix is ​​known as the famous key syncretism of Cuban identity.

It is based on a supreme being known as Olodumare, the Supreme God and Obatala, who is known as the Father of the Orishas.

They are joined by the deities of the yoruba pantheon that have human characteristics but that represent the forces of nature.

Some of the most revered are Oyá, Shangó, Orula, Elegguá, Yemayá, Oshún, and Babalú Ayé.

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