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Voodoo, the veneration of the spirit and its best kept secrets

Voodoo religion

Voodoo or Voodoo As it is also known, it had its cradle in West Africa, it is considered among the oldest religions in the world, it comes etymologically from the word in French Voudou which means spirit, the cult of this being precisely the heart that gives life and nourishes this religious practice.

How was this doctrine established in America?

The process of conquest and colonization that took place in the Americas by the Spanish crown brought with it the confluence of multiple religions on the same continent, traditions that over the years took root and gave rise to a rich cultural heritage.

The United States, Togo, Benin, Haiti and Cuba are among the countries where these practices are most frequently developed.

Voodoo knowledge They arrive to our continent on the part of the Africans who were brought by force as slaves to carry out forced labor, undoubtedly the settlers and foremen being the first to suffer the curses of these spells in their own flesh.

What you did not know about the Voodoo religion

Among the main deities of this cult we find Bondye or Mawu, these celestial omnipotences do not interact directly with humans, they communicate with them through the loas which are supernatural entities that act as a link between heaven and earth.

El popular folklore attributes to this religion the power to resurrect the dead and make them work for the benefit of the sorcerer who made them return from the other world, as well as the belief in causing death at will.  

The voodoo doll What is?

This controversial doll is nothing more than the physical representation of a person on whom you want to cast a spell, it is a fetish to be able to inflict pain or manipulate the victim through this human-shaped doll.

For its elaboration, materials that are spiritually connected with the individual to whom the spell is going to be cast are required, since ninety percent of its effectiveness depends on this, the other ten percent is related to magical rituals. and the invocations that are in charge of the sorcerer.

The representation in art of their traditions

Literature collects the rituals and powers of this religion in the novel The kingdom of this world where the prominent Cuban writer Alejo Carpentier seeks to reflect what is real and wonderful.

This religion has had a great impact on the cinema, taking stages in New Orleans in such emblematic places as the French Quarter, where it is very common to see the magical effectiveness of voodoo dolls that are frequently immolated with needles and other penetrating objects.

The voodoo religion as part of the ancient civilizations does not offer to the popular judgment all its ceremonial practices, it keeps to itself the faith of the secret and the preservation of its rituals according to the ancestors and tradition.

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