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Grandmother's spiritual remedy with water! Healthy body and spirit

Spiritual remedy

Since time immemorial in different cultures and religions the element of water is used in a spiritual way. Our whole life is related to and dependent on this sacred liquid.

Water symbolizes life itself, its hazards, sensitivity, purification and the mystical, because it keeps many secrets.

With its continuous movements it continuously regenerates itself, the water is sometimes calm and other times uneasy.

In addition, the wonderful water with its powers cleanses our body and heals our mind, spirit and soul.

Today I want to leave you with this spiritual remedy that my grandmother had saved and that she always carried out.

She used to say:

The waters heal everything in the company of the sun and the moon.

5 Very powerful works for the healing of anguish and pain:

Water element spiritual meaning

My brother:

God's grace be with you:

If you suffer from the chest;

if you are distressed and disturbed;

if you have grief, fear, pain and pain; if you have oppression, annoyance and anxiety:

Raise your thoughts towards God, breathe the open air and drink a glass of clear water on an empty stomach, saying a prayer, until you regain spiritual tranquility.

If you suffer from the stomach;

if you are nervous, upset;

If you have discouragement, boredom, lack of appetite and mental discomfort, refocus your heart towards good spirits:

Breathe in the open air and drink a glass of warm water, fasting, making a prayer, until your grief ceases completely.

If you suffer from the head;

if you're short on memory, you'll be emptiedaña sight and you have insomnia, disgust and bewilderment in ideas:

Raise your mind to the sky, look at the stars and drink a glass of water at night when you go to bed, saying a prayer, until you look happy and encouraged.

If you want to bear some pain, pain or disappointment;

If you want to resist a bad temptation, forget a lost asset or erase a bad idea from your mind:

Reconcentrate your soul towards God, look at the Sun and drink a glass of clear water at noon, saying a prayer until its tribulation ceases.

When you want to get rid of the impurities of the body:

You put a bottle of water in the sun and calm and after 3 days you drink a glass on an empty stomach, making a prayer, until you see your desires fulfilled.

POWERFUL prayer to pray in each “Remedy with water”

Spiritual remedy with water

Praised be you, pure spirits of the Lord.

I, humble person, raise my thoughts and my heart to you so that you guide me on the path of happiness and enlighten me in the divine mysteries and help me to reach the beatitudes of heaven.

Ave Maria. Amen.

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