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7 Home Remedies for Tired Feet Pain Relieve the tension!

Home remedies for tired feet pain

Stress is an adverse emotional state which can cause muscular or postural alterations, among others, and can bring us problems associated with all parts of our body.

The human organism reacts by creating a series of changes that directly affect our feet and our way of walking, since the pressure we feel must be compensated by a greater skeletal muscle effort that translates into increased fatigue, pain, heaviness, etc. .

For this reason, the remedies for tired feet have accompanied usañathroughout life thanks to our mothers or grandmothers who advise us from a young age on the best ways to relieve ourselves.

And it is said that emotions also accumulate in the feet and are responsible for charging our energy. If we submit ourselves to a lot of pressure and emotional load, our feet will feel the weight of stress and the accumulated bad vibes.

Why do our feet get tired?

The feet can feel more tired than other parts of the body, so pampering them with a natural remedy is the best option to avoid feeling tired and upset.

  • There are ancestral rituals that purify and relax our feet and that have been passed from generation to generation, since they have their origin in herbalism or other ancient beliefs.

Feet are our connection to mother earth and with our more spiritual side, so they allow the bad vibes that we can carry on to come out.

They can feel tired due to several factors:

  • Some are extremely common, such as an effort that our body is not used to, such as long distances, starting a new exercise routine or standing for many hours.
  • Sitting for hours, which reduces blood circulation, causing pain or that feeling of numbness.
  • They can be affected by the pressure of the bad vibes that we pick up when we go somewhere or when we meet certain people and that we cannot clear.

For this reason, we must bear in mind that it will always help us to know some of the most popular and spiritual remedies that will alleviate the tiredness of our feet and that will also clear that bad energy and the pressure that oppresses them.

Remedies for swollen or sore feet:

Tired feet remedies with flowers

There are ancient remedies to alleviate the tiredness of our feet and at the same time clear those energies that oppress us and make us feel tense and moody.

By relieving our feet, we will feel the negative charge disappear from our entire body.

1. Apply ice to reduce inflammation

Ice is one of the oldest and most effective remedies.

It has effects, mainly vasoconstriction, that is, it closes the caliber of the blood vessels a little, and in general we can say that the application of this element has an effect of reducing pain, inflammation and swelling that occur immediately after getting an injury.

  • Ice also cleanses spiritually and allows our feet to feel light.

2. Massage the feet to relax

Massaging our feet every day with a small amount of vinegar or coconut or argan essential oil will help us relax them and eliminate that bad energy that ails them.

These massages are very simple, we just have to:

  • Pass the thumbs from the heel to the toes exerting pressure.
  • We can also help ourselves with the knuckles and mobilize the joints of the fingers.

The properties and powers of oils and vinegar also help to clean and purify.

These products have a certain hydrating and regenerating power for the skin that will eliminate small fissures and prevent any injury.

3. Go barefoot to eliminate the bad vibe

At home, on the beach, in an area without too many stones or elements that could harm you, let's try to walk barefoot for a while to expel any trace of bad vibes from our feet and also connect with our spiritual side.

  • This way our feet will be toned and stronger and will naturally remove excess dry and hard skin from the soles of the feet and heels.

4. A hot bath to relieve pain

The easiest way to relieve pain and relax is through a hot tub bath.

We can añaSay in a bathtub our favorite essential oils that will help us and relax us, we can also put flowers such as roses and sunflowers that are carriers of great energy.

If we wish we also add a cup of sea salt to activate the deflating of the body. And at this time we can also pamper our feet a little.

Let's relax our feet in a bucket or container with:

  • Hot water,
  • sea ​​salt and
  • apple vinegar

And put our feet in it, letting them relax and purify.

This preparation reduces fatigue, pain, cramps and the symptoms of varicose veins and at the same time unlocks the negative energy so that it leaves our body.

Herbal foot baths to keep the heavy load off:

Also after a hard day, if we feel inflammation in the feet, we can immerse them in baths of 15 or 20 minutes in warm water with a little salt to eliminate the discomfort and clean the traces of bad vibes.

Some plants are powerful for the spiritual baths feet like chamomile, sage, and mintYou just have to choose the plant to use and boil it in a little water, when it is warm, immerse your feet in that prepared water for at least 15 minutes and you will feel a great relief.

5. Dry brushing to activate circulation

This remedy is one of the most recommended to activate circulation in the legs.

  • All we need is a fine, natural bristle hairbrush to brush the legs from the toes to the thighs.

If we pamper our feet like this every day for 10 or 15 minutes we will notice that the fatigue is relieved and the waves that press us are cleared.

6. Keep your feet up to relieve heaviness

While we are resting, we can elevate our feet to promote blood circulation and relieve fatigue and heaviness.

We can use a pillow and even the wall to raise our feet a little and relieve them.

7. Stretches to avoid discomfort

Stretches relieve stress on the feet and prevent pressure from swelling them.

Some of the simplest and most effective to do at home are:

  • Grab the toes with your hand and bend them towards the instep.
  • Sitting on the floor with the help of a towel, we raise the foot towards the shin while flexing the ankle.
  • At the edge of a step we support the balls of our feet and drop our heels.
  • We perform circular movements with the ankles.
  • We roll a ball over the entire plant.

Spiritual Baths are also powerful to relax our body:

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