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Otura Meyi: The odun of the rower that teaches us to be humble in life

Otura Meyi rower

In the city of Dhaka, a rower lived many years ago, the man with a robust constitution instilled respect just by looking at him, but despite appearances this was a man with a noble heart and right thinking.

Pataki where Elegguá and Shango bless the rower for his help and selflessness

One day while preparing everything to leave for work, he received a visit from Eleggua y Shango, who returned exhausted from a campaña they had gone to perform many kilometers from the city.

The Orishas communicated to the rower that:

His presence there did not pursue any other objective than to do good to the needy and in this way make the lives of human beings who honored the doctrines of the Yoruba Religion more bearable.

But that they visited him to ask him to please cross them on his boat to the other land that was interrupted by the sea, to continue developing his field.aña.

The rower gladly led the Orishas to his modest boat and within minutes he was leading them to a safe destination.

Before landing, Elegguá and Shango extended their supplication to Olofin asking him to bless the oarsman who had helped them with so much carelessness and care.

Wishing for him that the Orisha would endow him with health and strength so that he could continue to carry out his office honestly.

Ifá Councils in Otura Meyi

Otura Meyi is a very precise sign that highlights the need to have an honest job to get ahead in life, as this is a decent source of income.

This letter talks about the importance of perseverance to achieve what you want to achieve and the discipline that is required to achieve dreams.

Live from humility and respecting the Orishas ...

Under this odun the person must be dignified and not be corrupt or interested in their peers, since humility and disinterest lie in the interests of this sign.

Where the action of Shangó and Elegguá should also be venerated as saints, but also as protections, which will mark a pattern to follow in the life of the individual, guiding him on the right path.

It is necessary to know that the person who is governed under this odun must respect Yemaya, who is the owner of the sea and mother of all humans, because through this many luck and blessings will come to her.

Being the word of the Orishas the only one that will get Olofin to access the favors that the devotee needs, as long as they deserve them. 

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