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Rest, Defense, and Attack: Spirit Vault Position

Position of the spiritual vault

The Spiritual Vault It is used in the Afro-Cuban religion to worship the spirits of the deceased, also called eggunes.

It is placed in the homes of devotees and is made up of a table with a white tablecloth, as a symbol of purity and peace, and glasses filled with water that allow us to elevate the beings that protect us. 

Each vase represents a deceased or a spirit of devotion of the spiritist. Photos and images of the ancestors are also placed on it.

The Spiritual Vault is the center of devotion to the deceased and accumulates the energy of the ancestors, a power that can be invoked by whoever installs it.

And to use that energy from the spiritual plane, there are three positions of the spiritual vault which are basic according to the situation that arises.

Positions of the Spiritual Vault:

Resting TimeIt is installed in this position so that our protective spirits take care of us, our home and family.
DefenseIn this way we defend ourselves from the dark energies that haunt us, be they spirits or enemies who want to harm us.
AttackPrepared to face adversities and difficult problems in our life, this position attacks and fights against what closes our paths.

Repose: for protección

For spiritual vault position at rest, it is positioned as shown below:

Spiritual Vault position at rest

La posición Resting, indicates protection. The energy of the ancestors is used in the care of the devotee, his house and his family, as it prevents evil from entering.

In addition, the flowers used are white or yellow and the quantity must be an odd number, such as 3, 5 or 7. The glass or cup in the center is the one dedicated to its Guide, inside a cross or crucifix preferably made of wood is placed .

He must be seen on Fridays. That day the glasses that have lost volume are filled with water and the flowers that are about to wither are removed, they should never be allowed to dry inside the vault.

The vault must always be clean, the tablecloth without stains, the water without insects or garbage, and objects foreign to the vault must not be placed on the table. Spirits and beings of light demand respect and attention.

Defense: against enemies

For Spirit Vault position in defense, it is placed as follows:

Position of the Spiritual Vault in defense

In the posición in defence, the energy of the ancestors protects from enemies. If the devotee knows or suspects their names, he should write them on a paper in pencil, horizontally seven times.

For this position, only white flowers will be added to the dome.

Above the names of these people who wish us harm, the devotee is written vertically; to cross them, for another seven or nine times.

The paper is placed like this, under the glass of water. In this way we protect ourselves from the evil eye, bad tongues and from any energy or person who wants to harm us.

Attack: solution of negative situations

For spiritual vault position in attack, it is placed as follows:

Position of the spiritual vault in attack

For this option, odd numbered flowers are also used, which can be 3, 7 or 9 and their color should be red.

In this posición in attack, is fighting against something that affects the devotee or solving difficult situations.

To do this, the candle is lit, at 12 noon, or at 12 at night and it is allowed to burn out completely.

We must bear in mind that the Vault should not remain in this position for more than nine days. After that, it must go to rest.

If the task has not yet been achieved, another cycle begins for nine days until the situation is resolved.

Remember that, above all things, you must attend the vault with great respect, it must not be neglected, it must always be clean. The light received by the protective spirits that protect us, those beings who take care of us from beyond, will depend on our attention.

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Comments (22)

Please can you tell me in the direction or cardinal point should be looking at the vault or set. Thank you and many blessings


Hilda blessings and good day, in our case we do not take into account the address when placing it, but it is important that they are located in a clean, safe and quiet place, that is enough. Faith really is the bottom line. A hug.


Thanks for the shared information


Thanks to you.
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Blessings to you 🙏


Good afternoon, our vault burned down, only one tobacco remained, which means


Good morning Lysander
Everything can happen in this life, if there is only one tobacco left, keep in mind that tobacco pleases the spirits and transmits a lot of knowledge. It may be that it is telling you that all is not lost and to start over.


Blessed are the eyes of those who read the comments, and instruct us, give advice, and calm our doubts and concerns. Thank you. Ashe.
Good morning to you and everyone on the page, I have just started to set up La Bóveda at home, I did not know anything about it and little by little I have been preparing myself for it, although doubts still arise, such as: What does the meaning of the crucifix inside the cup, why put it inside?; Why is it recommended that there be 7 glasses, and in the examples of the drawings and videos that I have seen they only use 6 plus the glass...? So, how many are actually placed, and what is done with the seventh glass?
I infinitely appreciate your attention and support. Blessings.
Light and Progress. Ashe.


Good morning Carmen and thank you very much for your good wishes and nice comments.

Our duty is to help and we will continue like this until Olofin, Olorun, Oloddumare and Egguns do not allow it.
According to my criteria and the teachings of my godparents, the cross that goes into the water in the Cup of the Blessed Sacrament means life itself, we sanctify ourselves with water and without it, life is impossible.
There are 7 glasses, but including the glass, there would be 6 glasses or glasses and adding the one in the middle there would be 7 containers.
A hug for you and many blessings.


Hello, good afternoon, I want to ask a question. There is a spread that my brother is upset with me and does not want to be there in my vault. there paradica take out and go in peace xfa??


Blessings Ivonne, I recommend that you take the glass that you have in the name of your brother out of the vault, but you must give it light, so I advise that you put that glass that represents that spirit in another place, the important thing is not to stop caring for it so that it rests in peace. Greetings


Greetings, and congratulations for such a good page, a question to the vault should only be placed 1 single candle .. ??


Elwing blessings to you, that's right, we put a white candle. Cheers


I am angry ogunda I need to know about this sign.


Mary blessings, we send you information about this sign:


Can a vault have 2 crucifixes?


Yaniett, blessings, yes you can. Only one of them must be placed inside the cup of the Blessed Sacrament. Greetings


Today, October 01, I started to see your explanation, it seems excellent, I do not have much time with my vault but there I am going little by little


I love this site!


Thank you so much 🙂 Blessings to you.


congratulations for your advice just one question one can make works with the bobeda and what are thanks in advance


Good night, very interesting content, thank you for sharing it


Thank you very much Elvis for your comment, greetings and blessings to you.

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Hello, I need to consult me. Can you send me the information and the price of the Spiritual Consultations guided by an Espiritista Santera? Thank you. Ashe 🙏