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Did you know that the first representation of Eleguá that existed was a coconut?

Representation of Eleguá

In the distant land of Añagui reigned Okuboro, a just and worthy man, thanks to his mandate the town achieved great prosperity and economic development given by the development of land and sea trade.

Eleggua he was the prince of Añagui and only son of King Okuboro.

One day while he was taking a walk through the kingdom, he saw in the distance a sphere that had three flashing holes, invaded by curiosity, he resorted to meeting it.

Pataki: Rise of Elegguá as Orisha

Once he found himself face to face with the shiny object, he could discern that it was a dry coconut, which he took in his hands and took to the royal palace to show it to his parents and tell them what happened and why this coconut was special. .

As time passed and new motivations emerged, the coconut was being forgotten, alone and in the darkness of an hour.abitation was given shelter in a dusty corner of the royal apartments.

On one occasion, while the servants were carrying out the cleaning tasks, they were astonished to see again the flash that emerged from the holes in the coconut. Three days after this event, the young Elegguá died suddenly.

It did not take long for the rumor of the death of the prince and his relationship with the coconut to reach everyone's ears, so the people began to put aside the unique fruit invaded by uncertainty and fear.

The representation of Eshú Eleguá

Some time later the town began to suffer misfortunes and precariousness, when the wise men of the region realized what happened they began to analyze this matter in order to find a solution for so many problems, reaching the conclusion that the conflicts were related to abandonment of the coconut, who by the passage of time had become dry and hollow.

The elders agreed to create from a stone, an imperishable representation that would exceed the life span of the coconut.

For this, they took the image of the late royal descendant as a tribute to him, it was also agreed that this new form would take the name of the monarch by naming itself Eleggúa, deciding that he would dwell behind the door of the house, so everyone who entered or left of the house would have to ask for his blessing and take care of him properly.

As a result of the materialization of Eshú, name under which Elegguá is also known in the region of AñaGui lived prosperous and calm years where he only had to mourn the human loss of the elderly due to illness and Olofin's design.

Due to this fact, Elegguá began to be worshiped as Orisha, since that day he is the first to eat and to be attended in all the religious houses of Cuba and the world, this saint became one of the most revered deities of the Yoruba Pantheon. .

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