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Worship of Santa Muerte ► Know its meaning and representation

Representation of death

The cult of Santa Muerte it extends beyond the borders of Mexico, because throughout the ages multiple religions have used its figure to designate that entity related to the end of earthly existence.

Cuba is not exempt from this religious-cultural process, because today on our island many religious sects worship death, possessing it as an independent deity.

In this way, we must also reaffirm that Death enjoys multiple representations to which elements related to the finiteness of life are associated, which is why it is often thought of in cemeteries and hospitals.

While some human beings see death as a relief for their sorrows, others reproach them for the pain of carnally separating themselves from their relatives, facts that make us think about the hypothesis put forward for centuries about the goodness or evil present in said mortuary entity. 

To this you can offer flowers, tequila, tobacco, incense and candles, which can be of different colors and sizes.

Is Death worship a sin?

Worship of Santa Muerte on the day of the dead
Worship of Santa Muerte on the day of the dead

In the pages of the bible, death is represented as one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, associating his arrival with great disasters and the end of humanity's existence.

On the other hand, its image is part of the tradition of the Day of the Dead, a festival held in Mexico where the arrival of the deceased to earth is celebrated, this being a reason for joy and commemoration for families.

Various churches such as the Catholic and Baptist condemn their veneration for considering death as a diabolical entity.

For others, their cult is associated with witchcraft, satanic pacts and black magic.

In the Rule of Osha-Ifá Death is called Ikú, this can be considered an osogbo, a word that designates misfortune and misfortune, although it should be clear that this entity can work directly under the orders of Olodumare.

Why is Death invoked?

Death Today it is adored by people around the world, especially by those who daily expose themselves putting their lives at risk.

This figure is often invoked for the protection and recovery of health, stolen items, or to solve some evil that is being transited.

What is the true identity of Death?

Death can be represented as a male or female figure; the most popular image of him is the one reflected by the black robe and guadaña.

Although it can also be seen taking the form of animals such as the witch butterfly because this entity has the gift of transformation.

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