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Beautiful representation and prayer dedicated to Orisha Oko in his day

Orisha Oko Representation

Orisha Oko, father of the fertile land, protector of the crops and the harvest, listen to my voice and receive my humble offering.

With your wise look and your divine presence, light my way and guide me towards prosperity. May your blessings surround me like the furrows of the earth, and may your strength protect me from all evil.

Oh Orisha Oko, you who know the secrets of nature, allow me to honor you with my actions and thoughts, and allow me to be an instrument of your will.

With your sacred hands, take care of the land that sustains me, and may my work be blessed by your infinite love. So be it, now and always. Ashe.

Today May 15 we venerate the great Orishaoko that is syncretized in Santeria with the Catholic saint San Isidro Labrador, related to the Yoruba deity because he is the standard Of the farmers, both are united by love for the land, they are providers of abundance and give sustenance to men.

Why hold on to the power of Orisha Oko at all times?

We share a list of 10 reasons why Orisha Oko is considered one of the most powerful orishas that can help us at any time in our lives:

  1. protector of nature: Orisha Oko is the protector of the earth and everything that is on it.abita, so its influence extends to agriculture, crops and life in general.
  2. Fertility: It is known for its power to bless and fertilize the land, which makes it a very important orisha in agriculture and in families seeking to have children.
  3. Healing: Orisha Oko is capable of curing all kinds of illnesses, both physical and emotional. Her energy is capable of providing a sense of peace and harmony.
  4. Abundance: This orisha is known for its ability to attract wealth and prosperity in all areas of life. If you need help in business or finances, Orisha Oko can be your ally.
  5. Emotional stability: Orisha Oko's energy is calming and relaxing, so it can help people find emotional stability in difficult times.
  6. Ancestral wisdom: Orisha Oko is a very ancient and wise orisha, which means that he can provide a deep understanding of the situations and challenges we face.
  7. Protection: Orisha Oko is known for his ability to protect people from all kinds of dangers, both physical and spiritual.
  8. Balance: Orisha Oko's energy is related to balance and harmony. It can help people find balance in their lives and in their relationships.
  9. Family junction: Orisha Oko is a very familiar orisha, so its energy can help strengthen family ties and create a harmonious environment at home.
  10. Renacimiento: Orisha Oko represents rebirth and regeneration. It can help people get through difficult times and find the strength to start over.

Image Gallery: Representation of Orisha Oko

📷 Thanks to the Photos Courtesy of Lázaro Martínez, Dancer of the company Raíces Profundas @lachyowen

Here is a job I did for Orishaoko, in honor of May 15, which is his day, this is a very good job and since people don't know much about this Orisha, I wanted him to be known as he is.

words of lazarus

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