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The Children of El Cobre dance “Jerusalema” from the Pueblo de la Virgen de la Caridad

Jerusalem Challenge

a singing to life, a hymn to faith, an ode to union, love and all the good that the world continues to keep for us ...

A dance that is not transmitted by words or languages, but by a feeling so strong that everyone gets up to move to the beat of that rhythm that evokes better days and that lights that much-needed light in these difficult times ... that of hope.

Millions of people around the world have shared various choreographies on social networks with the popular dance of #JerusalemaDanceChallenge or #JerusalemaChallenge, the song that has united peoples and that has revealed the powerful force of faith.

The original theme, released almost a year ago, has been part of one of the most viral challenges on social networks such as Tik Tok and people upload choreographies to the Internet from all over the world such as South Africa, Colombia, Nigeria, Angola, France, Italy and Spainaña among many other nations.

Jerusalema is a song originally written by the South African DJ Master KG, in collaboration with the singer Noomcebo Zikode, and it already has more than 35 million views on Spotify, while on YouTube, the video clip has been played more than 250 million times.

The challenge Jerusalem, dance the faith of the Sons of Charity

Jerusalem Challenge from El Cobre
Image of the Jerusalem Video from El Cobre

The Cubans, with their spirit of courage and the faith that always characterizes this people, did not want to be left out of the challenge of Jerusalem.

Many have been the dance institutions that have shown the world a very Cuban Jerusalem, with the flavor of syncretism and the religious union that fills the roots of this land.

But a key example has been the choreography of the theme starring the children of Caridad del Cobre, from the Shrine dedicated to the Patroness of Cuba in Santiago de Cuba, a dance that lights a passionate flame and clouds the eyes of those who enjoy it with tears of pride.

Cuba, which has always been a country of great faith, thus shows the world its religion, its diverse beliefs, its courage and its indomitable beauty.

May the blessings come to every corner of the world

The Virgin of Charity of Cuba
The Virgin of Charity

The challenge of Jerusalema, starring dozens of children of the Charity of Copper and the Orisha of Love, Oshún, in the same cult, reaches all corners of the world from the most visited and indigenous sanctuary in this country.

The video shows the Sanctuary of El Cobre from different angles and from the sky, and 126 children, youth and adults dance to the rhythm of faith, filling the spaces that surround the sanctuary and the esplanade in front of the inn. They also dance from the stairs that access the temple.

The song in your language, the language sale, one of the languages ​​of South Africa, transmits the following message:

"Jerusalem is my home, save me, don't leave me here, save me, walk with me." “My place is not here. My kingdom is not here. Save me, come with me "

As a hymn to hope to join forces on five continents, the children of Charity chant the lyrics and ask for their thanks and embrace to the medical personnel of the world who battle against the Coronavirus and put their lives on the line, in addition to transmitting a message of love and hope from Cuba and for the whole world.

The Cuban version of Jerusalema, from El Cobre, had the direction of GR Ruíz and Fr. Rogelio Dean Puerta, as advisor and was uploaded to the channel “Parroquia del Cobre” on November 14.

The end of the video, lift the spirit and call from Cuba, to pray for better times:

This video is a message of love, joy and trust in the Lord from the closest children of the Virgen de la Caridad, the residents of El Cobre in Santiago de Cuba, who will always be interceding with the Mother, at her home, for all Cubans wherever they are.

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