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How do we ask Agayú Solá for a favor? The Orisha of Intense Strength

Prayer to Agayú Solá

Agayú Solá is the orisha which represents in nature the forces of the volcano, the desert, the current of the river, and the interior of the earth, and due to its great power we invoke it with a prayer.

It also represents the maximum natural power that comes from earthquakes, from lava from volcanoes circulating intensely in the subsoil and ascending to the surface and the very force that makes the universe and the earth rotate in it.

Aggayú is known as the staff of Osha and particularly of obbatala. He lives in the current of the river, from its waters he is seen in the shape of a man in a boat.

He is also the Orisha of deserts, dry land, and strong currents.

To this giant of Osha, Orisha of fire with a bellicose and wrathful character, for many, the father of Shango, the God of Thunder, we invoke it in moments of danger and tension.

What can we ask the giant of the Ocha?

Many ask the favor of Aggayu Solá:

  • Because of his strength, many beg him for protection against various problems in life.
  • To face the threats of enemies, because he offers his children and devotees his strength to fight against dangers and difficulties, to overcome obstacles and overcome misfortunes.
  • With great respect we ask the Giant of the Ocha for his support to overcome any obstacle and to ward off dangers and evil desires from our path.
  • Help is asked to cross rivers and waters, and also health and cure for the sick.

Aggayú must be prayed with faith and a lot of strength to ask for his favor.

We must show him that we are brave and fighter and that we will strive to succeed with his help.

Attentions and attributes of Aggayú Solá:

  • Your number is 9 and its multiples
  • Its color it is dark red and white or 9 colors except black
  • Greets saying: Aggayú Solá Kinigua oggé ibbá eloní!

To Aggayú, “He who covers the desert with his voice”, we can dedicate an altar decorated in dark red and white, or even the 9 colors can be placed on it, except black.

But you can venerate him wherever you want, in a quiet place at home, or in nature, remember that the strength of Aggayú habita throughout the natural environment, the important thing is to thank him and ask him with faith.

Among his combat and warrior tools are 2 ox jars, 9 mates, ax and rod, a hand of snails and a staff.

His symbol of power is the Oshé, a red and white bipedal ax adorned with yellow and blue colors.

Offerings that the Orisha likes:

  • They offer him, fruits of all kinds such as bananas, aubergines, and foods such as toasted corn shanks, molassesaña, canary seed and cookies with corojo butter.
  • They immolate him in religious ceremonies animals, such as the goat, rooster, guinea fowl, jicotea and pigeons.
  • Their ewe (plants) They are Bledo punzó, atiponlá, turkey mucus, baría, Cuban banana, sarsaparilla, paradise, poplar, jobo, curujey and pacific sea.

We can also invoke Agayú Solá with his prayer in syncretism with San Cristóbal de la Habana, patron of rivers and protector of men.

A powerful prayer to Agayú Solá Warrior protect us!

We can light a white candle in his name and invoke him with our thoughts.

  • So we pray to Aggayú to ask for his protection, and to intercede with our requests.

Aggayú Solá Orisha of volcanoes and lavas, of great strength that looks at us from its great height.

You great Aggayú represents the greatest force of nature, you are inside the volcano, the magma of the earth itself.

You are the immense energy of a natural earthquake, and in your breath you exhale lava from volcanoes, you are the universe and we invoke your great power.

From the current of the river and the raging rivers that you dominate, take away the bad, destroy the evil, with the disease and the enemy that stalks us for evil, give us health.

Boatman on the river who waits patiently to take care of his children and cross them through the obstacles that life has in store for us, do not abandon us, do not leave us alone, attend the favor we ask.

Aggayú Solá, who is also in the deserts of the dry land, feels our sadness and anguish, feels our pain, and just like a desert our loneliness.

Giant of the Osha, Orisha of fire, bellicose and rabid we venerate you with the great respect you deserve, do not attend our complaints and ingratitude, but heed our prayers in honor of you.

We always count on your great blessing, give us what we ask from the heart, so be it.

Venerate the giant Aggayú with the following offerings:

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