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I pray to Aggayú Solá to ask for protection

I pray to Aggayú

May this powerful prayer to the giant of Osha, Aggayú, protect us from disease, envy, calamities and may with its strength remove from the path everything that can harm us and give us sadness.

Prayer to Aggayú Solá:


Magnanimous, powerful and strong Aggayú, Giant of the Osha:

Who with the strength of your arms you reach the rainbow, the one that is born of the forces of nature, of explosions and noises.

Father, I ask you, listen to this prayer and appease the envy of my enemies.

Just as you leave the door of your house open and no one dares to enter, I implore you to keep my doors clear of obstacles.

Your metals are iron and steel, make me strong like them, help me to resist adversity.

May your double-headed ax remove everything that stands in the way.

Great owner of the volcano and the comet-tailed star, you are the ball of the world, the most immense, your power is magical.

You are the father of Shango, we pray that your son of fire also protect us.

Show me my way, because you are the owner and lord of the fields and rivers, angry and impetuous, but also kind to those who respect you.

You destroy everything suddenly, but no one can knock you down because the palms and ceibas are your canes, you are strong and majestic.

Protect us from your fury and your momentum, do not unleash the immense natural forces at our feet, control the impulses of the earth.

Offering in your name everything you like, pineapples, mamoncillo, guavas, mamey, coconut, banana, melons, plums, tamarind, and all fruits, flowers and freshwater fish.

When you dance, with your giant steps, sweep away all the bad, illnesses, altercations of justice and enemies that are in our life.

I beg you to grant your blessing to my family, friends and to your faithful devotee who says this prayer today, that my prayers to you, divine Father, be heard.

We respectfully tell you: Aggayú Solá Kinigua oggé ibbá eloní!

I pray to Aggayú translated into Spanish:

Algayú chola iye kini obá abara chola oyina obá ni na oké gbina misísiyi, awa orno nile gbogbo teriba. Awa o / e ki kó de ma gbina, ati na buruku baba me balomi

It is said that Algayú is the saint, but it is not so it is the seat of the biggest throne of the king; take great care of the world, that the king, lit wick, cares from afar, the king of the high candle, in our days, we children of the earth all obey, we want that the candle and bad things do not arrive. My father, come with me.

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