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How do we invoke the Giant Aggayú Solá to protect and help us?

I pray to Aggayú Solá

Aggayu He is the giant of the Osha and despite his angry character, he acts as a protective father of his devotees, and that is why many people pray to him seeking comfort, help and protection in difficult life situations.

Aggayú is a warrior deity who can guide us along the way and free it from obstacles and difficulties so that we can advance safely, with firmness and determination.

To pray to Aggayú, we must know that fruits of all kinds are offered to him, aubergines, toasted corn crowbars, molasses of caña, canary seed and cookies with corojo butter.

Within the cult of the Rule of Osha, some animals such as goat, rooster, guinea fowl, jicotea and pigeons are also sacrificed.

We must ask Aggayú with “great respect”

Aggayú is prayed to as if it were a father, telling him what ails us, be it a matter of love, money, health or protection.

Let's not forget to thank before making our requests.

If we invoke him with respect and show that we have the strength and courage to face challenges, he will come to our aid to protect us and help us deal with any difficult situation.

With this prayer to Aggayú Solá we ask the great Orisha for protection against various problems, lighting a candle and praying for his help in the middle of a quiet corner, in the midst of peace.

We can also invoke him near nature, in his natural temple, near mountains.añas, volcanoes and elevations, because near the earth is the great energy and ashe of the Orisha.

With this prayer we ask Aggayú Solá to intercede with his great protection:

Giant of the Ocha, great Aggayú warrior,

You who protect your devotees and deliver them from all evil

You who guide your children along the best paths and remove difficulties and obstacles from them

Aggayú, Father, you who possess the immense forces and energies of nature,

You who have the force that turns the universe and the earth in it.

Hear the request of this, your devoted son, and do not abandon me in the midst of danger and adversity

Protect me and cover me, Lord of the Earth and the Sea

Of all those who wish me evil

I trust you, in your protective mantle

Aggayú, my saint, away from me, my family and my house the danger that lies in wait for me,

Lord of the Desert, give me the strength to face difficulties and thus be able to overcome barriers and obstacles for the good of my own.

Aggayú Lord, like an enraged river, erase all the evil that my enemies wish me and drive away their negative energy from me

Allow My Father Aggayú, that I can continue advancing safely and with your hand along the path of life, until I reach my destination.

Combine my forces with yours so that I never have to fear and can move forward with confidence.

Thank you My Father, for granting me your eternal blessing and watching over me and mine

So be it great mighty giant Aggayú Solá

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