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Prayer of gratitude to the great Chango Let's visit the Orisha at the foot of the palm!

I pray to Chango

Chango is the Orisha of justice, dance and virile strength. In nature it manifests itself through thunder, lightning and fire.

In the Yoruba religion, he is the owner of the Batá, Wemdamientos, Ilú Batá or Bembés drums, dance and music; and due to its characteristics, it symbolizes the joy of living, the intensity of life, masculine beauty, passion, intelligence and wealth.

To the God of Thunder Chango How do we invoke it?

It is important to keep in mind that when praying to Shango we should not hesitate or doubt, but know how to specify what is desired and ask firmly for this deity to listen to you.

To perform the prayer to Shango, the first thing that must be taken into account is the environment, we choose a moment of peace, without conflicts, it is best to do it while alone, in a secluded place, if possible in the middle of the field, at the foot of the palm, which is its sacred symbol.

The prayers have to be pronounced with a strong and clear voice, with true faith and love towards Shango, so that God hears us and illuminates our path.

To Shango, God of Thunder, Lightning and Lightning We must always thank him for his protection and help to defeat enemies, for warding off those who wish bad actions on us and for destroying everything that tries to harm us odañaus.

Offerings that the Orisha Guerrero appreciates:

  • To ask Shango we must bear in mind that he prefers as fruit offerings, bananas and apples, preferably red, the tone that represents him.
  • The King of the Yoruba Pantheon also likes strong, spicy or well-seasoned foods and his favorite dish is cooked cornmeal in various presentations.
  • In addition, he prefers that these foods be accompaniedañatwo with red wine.

Before the Prayer to Chango we can invoke him by lighting a red or white candle in his name, and we pray to him to thank him for all the good he has given us in life and for the immense protection that he always gives us.

So we pray to Chango to thank him for his blessings:

Oh, mighty Shango, you who protect me every day and keep misfortunes and dangers away from me and mine,

Lord of Thunder, Lightning and Lightning, you are immense, warrior and vigilante, God of strength and ancestral wisdom

Shango, you illuminate the path of each devotee and do not allow them to fall before the injustices of life, you give your children the courage to get ahead, no matter how difficult the situation may be.

King and Lord, I come today to this, your temple, with a grateful heart, full of joy and overflowing with pleasant thoughts intended for you, my Father

Today I want to thank you, for all the blessings that you have given me in this life, because despite the difficulties, you help me to get ahead and fill me with hope.

Great Shango, mighty warrior of the Ocha, I thank you for each of the people around me, for protecting us and keeping evils away from our home.

Thank you for your greatness, which has stripped me of sadness and healed my heart afflicted with the disturbances of the past.

I ask you Shango, always keep me from danger and protect me from everything that wants to do me wrong,

I know that you have never left me alone and that, with your light, you guide me along the path of life, away from obstacles

Thank you, Great Shango, my Father, for helping me to get up every time I fall, for giving me the will to keep going and not allowing me to give up.

Never let me let go of your hand, so be it

Some of the offerings that you can offer to Shango when invoking him:

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