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I pray to Dada Obañeñe to Protect our Children from Evil

I pray to Dada Obañeñe

Obañeñe, also called Dada Ibañi or Dada Baldone She is the Orisha of newborns, she is also considered the owner of vegetables, because when at the Father Orisha Obbatalá They entrusted him to populate the world, he gave Dada the creation of kingdoms (vegetable, mineral and animal).

We call Obañeñe to protect children, especially the little ones who have just been born. It can also grant us prosperity and economic abundance by being a representative of natural wealth.

She is one of the minor Orishas of the Yoruba religion, seen as a strong and maternal woman. He was the one who raised Shangó when Obbatalá expelled him from his kingdom.

And it is that Obañeñe is credited with raising the God of Thunder because it is said that the one who opens the roads, Elegguá, secretly gave him the little one to raise him and free him from death.

In the Catholic religion, due to the need to hide their deities, the Yoruba syncretized Obañeñe with saints who, like her, help devotees to achieve fulfillment and good fortune and to overcome the challenges of life.

It is compared to Nuestra Señora del Rosario and San Ramón Nonato, which is also related to the protection of children.

A beautiful prayer to the protector of newborns

We call Obañeñe the women when we are in the gestation period and we ask her to protect the baby, so that it is born healthy and can grow with strength and security.

To the Orisha of the newborns we pray with great faith and we show her our devotion to spread her mantle and protect our little one from all evil, helping him to grow healthy and strong.

We can light a candle for him and talk to him about how much we love that unborn child, who protects our children, and gives them health, wisdom, so that they grow up healthy and strong.

With this prayer we ask Dada Obañeñe to take care of our baby:

Obañeñe, what do you know what it is to be a mother and the sacrifices we must make for our children

Orisha creator of the kingdoms, you who protect children, especially those who have just been born,

Mother, protector of the God of Thunder Shango,

Today I come to ask you to listen to my prayers and protect my baby from all evil

Obañeñe kindly and sacrificially, you who watch over the family stability and take care of the home environment

Help your daughter to form a happy family and give me the strength to always defend her from all evil

Give me, Mother, the courage to make any sacrifice for the sake of my child

Obañeñe, Mother Orisha, spread your mantle and take care of my child, protect him from those who want to harm him

Keep difficulties and obstacles out of your way, so that you can advance safely and grow healthy and strong

Brave mother, do not abandon my little one and always watch over his protection

Drive evil out of its way and take the shadow of disease away,

So that my child can grow up healthy and happy, always by your hand,

Thank you my Orisha, for always listening to my prayers and granting me your blessings.

So be it

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