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How to summon Inle, the Doctor of the Ocha? A Prayer for Health

I pray to Inle

A Inle We pray to him for health and prosperity, for his strengths are associated with both spheres of human life. This orisha is representative of the doctors and holds the secrets of healing.

It symbolizes the health that is received to ward off illnesses. Inle is the first doctor in Santeria, he mainly protects the work of doctors, although his true vocation was fishing.

Legends say that Inle was one of the first to have knowledge about the healing properties of plants, but later on he gave that knowledge to Osain, who since then has been the Orisha of herbs and mountains.

However, Inle kept the wisdom of herbs, and knows how they are used to relieve human pain. For this reason, people go to him above all to ask for the cure of illnesses and the relief of ills.

How to pray to the great doctor Inle?

Let's choose a quiet place, where we are not interrupted, and by the light of a white candle, we can ask for our health, that of our family members and loved ones.

Thus, we pray to him to bring healing and cure our ailments, taking away the negative energy of the disease. We spoke to Inle and entrusted him with our sufferings, calling him with great faith and confidence in his knowledge.

We must bear in mind that among the offerings of Inle are:

  • Sweet wine drinks,
  • Desserts like drunk panetelas,
  • Dishes like snapper and pumpkin balls,
  • Vegetables and fruits such as yams, lettuce, watercress, sweet potato,
  • Fruits like orange and guava,
  • Ekó (Corn tamale wrapped in banana leaves),
  • Almond oil, etc.

Ram, rooster, pigeons, guinea fowl are also sacrificed to him, and all animals must be white.

So we pray to Inle to give us health and ward off disease

Inle, doctor of the Ocha, you who know the powers of herbs and use them to ensure the well-being of your children and devotees

Orisha hunter and fisherman, you who protect doctors and support them in the immense work of saving lives

Orisha wise and soothsayer, who personifies the Earth and removes diseases from the path of your faithful

Hear me, great Inle, and do not forsake me in the midst of my pains and hardships

Heed my request, Lord of the water and the earth, and grant me the cure of the disease to continue advancing along the path of life with your eternal blessing.

Inle, give me health and keep ailments and bad energies out of my steps

Guide me and allow me to always be healthy, just like my family

Guide of the walkers, protect me every step of my journey from the shadows of sickness and evils of the world

I thank you for all the blessings that you pour daily on me and mine and I promise to always be worthy of your help and support.

Thanks, Inle. So be it

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