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How to ask Obba Nani for a favor? Orisha of pure love receives my prayer

I pray to Obba Nani

Obba or Obba Nani is considered in the Yoruba religion as a Goddess of great strength, sacrificial and loving. She is in charge of directing matters related to love as a couple.

It is said that Obba loves intensely, is very sweet and capable of giving everything without her receiving something in return.

She symbolizes forbidden love and the sacrifice that is made for the loved one.

It also represents loyalty in the couple and in nature it is the Orisha of the lagoons and lakes.

Obba is Yewá's sister and Oyá, known as the three death goddesses, powerful warriors who live in the cemetery and communicate with the spirit world and the dead.

Her children and devotees call on Mother Obba to:

  • Help them fundamentally to solve love affairs,
  • give them strength to sacrifice for those they love,
  • come fidelity and loyalty to married life and happiness every step of the way as a couple.

Pray to the Orisha of fidelity How to ask Obba?

To ask Obba for a favor, we must know that he is usually given as an offering raw yam, corojo butter, cascarilla, grapes, and fruits like pineapple.

In Yoruba worship and religious ceremonies, animals such as doves, guinea fowl and capon goats are immolated.

It is offered in the lagoons or lakes, its natural temple, although it can also be shown devotion in a quiet place and away from our own home.

There we can place an altar dedicated to the deity adorned in lilac or pink, representative shades of Obba, or simply invoke her with a prayer.

Candles of the same shades and white, flowers and their representative attributes such as the dagger and copper bracelets are also placed on it.

Tips for asking for his protection in life and his guidance in matters of love

Before reciting the prayer to Obba Nani if ​​you want to light a homemade wick or a pink candle, put flowers or whatever you want to offer.

We must pray to him very calmly and like a mother, communicate to him our greatest and deepest desires, without dishonest intentions.

Only then can we obtain Obba's blessings.

Two prayers What can we ask Obba?

  • Believers usually approach her to ask for favors related to the couple and married life, because of its relationship with fidelity in the couple and love.
  • It is also usual that Obba is asked for help to achieve tranquility after a crisis or love breakup, even to attract the loved one and keep them by our side.
  • We ask him to open the paths of fortune, health, and love for us, and to intercede with our requests.

1. A powerful prayer to Goddess Obba Nani to make a request

Mrs. Obba of the calm and sweet waters of lagoons, help me to overcome obstacles in my professional and economic life.

Drive away my enemies and all those who wish evil in my ways and in those that I love so much.

Powerful Orisha who governs love, protects my love life and always brings understanding to my relationship.

Powerful warrior, of unmatched beauty, give me courage and strength to face daily challenges and remain serene with all who cross my path (ask for favor).

2. Prayer to the Orisha of happiness Obba intercedes for our love!

Obá, for love you offered what you thought was most precious for the loved one.

Do not let any weaponry that cuts mutilate the love of my beloved ...

That they harm my body or an animated object.

And if for some reason other eyes look at him, let it not be my eyes that cry for him / her.

With your support I should not fear anyone, with your power I will be able to defeat them.

Sharp object, for me it will not be a danger, and whoever fights against me

Make him understand that no one escapes what he usurps.

That throughout life we ​​will have joys, deceptions and peace.

It depends on what we sow, the flag we will raise will be.

Let no one hurt with a dagger or sharp object, take care of me (name) and (say the name of the person you love)

That there is nothing or no one to keep us away. Hail and reines, Obba.

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