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I pray to the Obba Warrior so that «Nothing and Nobody separate our love»

I pray to Obba

Feminine, strong and energetic, considered stronger than many male Orishas. Obbá represents repressed love and sacrifice for the being that one loves, suffering and conjugal fidelity.

She owns the nature of the lakes and lagoons. Eternal in love with Chango the king of kingsHer love for him made her sacrifice herself and cut off her ear, and because she was unable to conquer him, she retired to solitude, to the cemetery. That is why she is the guardian of the tombs.

She is represented as a young and very beautiful woman, in the Yoruba religion she is an Orisha of great power. with Yewa and Oyá forms the trilogy of the orishas that habitan in the cemetery, also known as the muerteras or reckless warriors.

His daughters are usually courageous and misunderstood women. They frequently go through bitter sentimental experiences, the roots of which are found in jealousy. They tend to triumph in the material order and it is not strange to see them as militant feminists and great leaders.

Obba is the Orisha of the river that bears her name, originally from the Takua land, although according to Yoruba legends, her cult spread throughout the land of Òyó and Tapa.

Obba «The one with the king's soup»

Its name comes from the Yorùbá Òbbá (Òbè: soup – Obá: king), literally "The one with the king's soup", and is due to its patakí together with Shangó, king of thunder. Obba cut off an ear to feed it to her beloved Shango and he disowned her. She was so ashamed that she sought refuge in the solitude of the mountain and later in the cemetery.

Its number is 9 and its multiples and its color is pink or lilac. Greets Obba Naní! And because of its closeness to the Yoruba Goddess of Love and the Oshún RiversObba also wears five gold bracelets as attributes.

Prayer dedicated to Obba to ask for marital fidelity y protect love

Prayer to Obba

We pray to Obba for protection, health, but above all for love and for the fidelity of our partner, we ask for his consolation in the face of deceit and his mediation for marital happiness.

We must know that among their favorite offerings are coast hazel, mahogany, mahogany, chestnut and plum, as well as animals such as pigeons, hens and goats.

We look for her and invoke her in the cemetery, in the mountains or in the lakes. We can also make a simple altar in our house and call her with a pink candle.

Before raising the prayer, we should be at peace trying to keep our minds blank for a few seconds and then ask him with great faith to listen to our request.

This is the prayer to Obba to ask for his protection, conjugal fidelity and that no one separate love:

Obá, that for love you offered

What you thought was most precious to your loved one.

Do not allow any cutting weapon

Cut off the love of my future ...

That cause wounds in my body

Or in some other animated thing.

And if by chance other eyes look at her,

Let it not be mine who cried for her.

With your help rivals I have not to fear.

With your strength I will be able to defeat them.

Sharp element, for me it will not be dangerous.

And everyone who agrees against me

Make him understand that no one escapes what he has.

That in the flow of our lives

We will get happiness, peace or lies.

According to the seed we plant

It will be the flag that we will fly.

Let no one cut with guadaña or sharp knife

What love in leafy form

He lavishes us all the time.

Protect me (your name) and (name of the person you love)

So that nothing and nobody separates us.

Hail and reines, Obá.

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