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A Prayer to thank Olofin, Olorun and Olodumare, Supreme Gods!

I pray to Olodumare

Olodumare, Olofin and Olorun, are considered in yoruba religion a sacred trilogy associated with the supreme creation and the rulership of the world.

They represent the universe and the creation of man and actions on Earth.

It is even thought that Olodumare, Olofin and Olorun is the same deity, the creator of the Earth who gave life to humanity, but they are three different divinities.

  • Olofin and Olorun they would then mean different representations of the supreme being.

They are edges of the maximum divinity for the Yorubas, which are integrated into a unified trilogy.

What is the meaning of Olodumare in the yoruba religion? The Supreme Being

God Olodumare

It is Oloddumare in Yoruba religiosity the only God, supreme, omnipotent and creator of all that exists.

  • Its name comes from the Yorùbá Olòdúmàré, which means (Lord to whom our eternal destiny goes).

Olodumare is understood as the God who can do everything and does everything. It is the material and spiritual manifestation of all that exists.

The supreme god is not in direct contact with men, but through what are considered their other forms or energies, Olorún (directly) or Olofin (indirectly).

Some of the qualities that define God Olodumare:

  • It does not settle, it is not offered, nor does it have necklaces. Nor are there statues or altars to symbolize the God Olodumare.
  • On the other hand, the Yorubas represent it in a guiro with two halves, the upper one symbolizing the elevated astral states and the lower one the earth.
  • As a sign of the utmost respect due to him, every time his name is mentioned he should touch the ground and kiss the dust imprint of his fingers to always receive his blessing.
  • According to the Yoruba religion, we can all experience the presence of God in a different way, that is why it does not have emblems or signs to represent it.
  • In the Rule of Oha-Ifá the Supreme Being is pure and therefore the color white is associated with it.

And it is that Olodumare is omnipotent, author of the destinies of every living thing, father of all the Orishas and of life.

In this way, to communicate with the deity, you can draw a circle with cascarilla and inside it can be a symbol of eternity, or they can sprinkle water as a libation and in the center place a kola nut or cotton wool.

Other names used to describe God in Yoruba are:

  • Eleda, word that means the Creator, responsible for all creation, as well as for the very existence and the source of all things
  • alaayé which means the vital potency and the one that is always alive or eternal
  • Elemii, the owner of life, which indicates that all living things owe their breath to him
  • Eye Oni, the one who wins or controls the day.

Who is Olorun and where is its power centered? The provider of the sun's energy

Olorun is in the Yoruba religion, the second manifestation of Olodumare.

His name, Òlórúnm, means Owner of the Orún (sky). It is the one that is in direct contact with men, it is the energy associated with the sun and heat.

Through the sun, an offering is offered to Olorun in the ñangareo, realizing that an itá (reading of destiny) is going to be done on earth or when an Iyawó or initiated in the religion is born.

Olorun represents life, giving energy and sustenance in terrestrial life, it owns colors, light, air, vigor and effort.

A powerful deity that emanates its energy through the sun, it is always present day or night, even if we do not see it, that is why men come to ask for its advice at any time.

He is greeted by standing in front of the sun with outstretched arms raised and open palms.  

Olorun is a deity that, like Olodumare, is neither received nor settled, but his cult is sacred and powerful.

Olofin in Santeria is The Son of God

Orisha Olofin

Olofin or Olofi is the third manifestation of Olodumare. His name comes from the Yoruba Òlófín (owner of the palace) and his palace is heaven and his royal court, the Orishas.

Olofin is the one who is in indirect contact with men, as he communicates through the Orishas. It is he who directs them and supervises their work of all, therefore nothing can be achieved without their permission.

His deity lives in retreat and seldom comes down to the world as energy. However, he is the one who distributed the ashé to each Orisha and has the secrets of creation.

Olofin was the one who allowed Orula the diviner and oracle of Ifá, as a prophet, to come down to earth.

Although he carries out his mandate over all the Orishas, ​​to prevent death he uses Osun, the guardian of the heads of the Yoruba believers.

His ashé is sacred and by asking for his blessing and help, men on earth will be able to reach their true destiny.

Why do we dedicate this powerful prayer to the Creators?

Despite the fact that this important trilogy does not have the same contact with men as the Orishas, ​​through them, they send their blessings to Earth.

That is why we must always keep them present in our prayers and, above all, thank them for the good things., for health, love, abundance and the blessing of life.

To Olodumare, Olofin and Olorun we can pray to thank them for everything that surrounds us and for granting us the joy of living.

So we pray to Olofin, Olorun and Olodumare to give thanks:

Above all, in the mañaWe can thank you for another day of life and ask for your eternal blessing.

The prayer can be done mainly in front of the sun, so that the warm energy of Olorun receives it and transmits it on our behalf.

My Supreme Beings, creators of the world and everything that surrounds us

You who have always been guides and advisers of humanity, those who have granted us the blessing of life

Through you, Lords of earth and sky, we can breathe, we can love, we can live.

Today I want to thank you, my parents, who look down on us, for your protection, for your precepts, for your trust in humanity.

Today I come to thank you, My Supreme Olodumare, for creating the ground we walk on, for granting us the blessing of remaining on Earth,

For giving us the happiness and happiness of living under your mantle.

Thank you, Supreme Lord, for always placing your protective hand on humanity despite its mistakes and faults.

Great Olodumare, never forsake us

My warm Olorun, thank you for enveloping us with your light and your warmth even in the most adverse times, thank you for lighting our way.

Thank you for providing us with the sustenance of each day and for giving us the necessary vigor to commit all the necessary tasks to give a good life to our family.

Lord of the Sun, you are light and calm for this world

To you my great Olofin, king of kings, I want to thank you for your blessings, 

Thank you very much Lord, for acting for us, for granting the Orishas powers to take care of us and protect us.

I appreciate your eternal mediation for the peace and tranquility of all the devotees, for the solution of their problems and difficulties, for their health.

You are great, Olofin, and without you nothing is possible

To you who guide the world, we can never thank you enough

So be it.

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