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How do we invoke Orisha Oko? I pray to ward off misery and bring success

I pray to Orisha Oko

Orisha Oko is an Orisha that in nature represents the land and in life agricultural work and crops.

He is directly related in the Yoruba religion to agriculture and the countryside, and is praised by farmers as a protector of tillage and plows.

For this reason, the peasants and people who work the land pray to him for stability and prosperity and for luck in all work in the countryside.

Women can also pray to him for the fertility of their womb and for protection if they face problems during pregnancy.

What powers does Orishaoko represent in the Yoruba religion?

Orisha Oko Yoruba

It is Orishaoko who provides food to the world, for being the earth itself.

This deity forms an important trilogy with Oke and Oggué, deities responsible for the crops and food that come to life, from the rains and the energy of its waters, from the internal fire and the power that makes it capable of splitting the earth and the animals.

Together with them, he helps farmers to prosper and provides men with food obtained from the land.

The Yoruba legend tells of Orisha Oko that she has two personalities:

  • By day it represents the pure and perfect man
  • At night he disguises himself as darkness, exactly as Ikú (death).

He is the one who receives the corpses that Yewá the goddess of the cemetery gives him and those that the warrior of the spark sends him Oyá by god of disease Babalú Ayé.

He also lives on the rooftops and his Ashé is the provider of life for men on earth.  

Its name comes from the Yorùbá Òrìsá Okò (Orisha del Labrado) and in syncretism it is compared to San Isidro Labrador, a Mozarabic farmer who dedicated his life to doing good and distributing the fruit of the harvest among the needy.

That is why in Cuban in the cult of Santeria both are united in a single adoration.

Pray to the Orisha for good results in the life:

We pray to Orisha Oko for prosperity, mainly because it helps us to obtain good fruit, the result of our work, because this deity is extremely hard-working and likes that her devotees are dedicated in their work.

Orisha Oko also responds to requests for job success if they are supported by the sacrifice and dedication of the person who makes them.

Only then will we be worthy of the help of this Orisha.

How do we ask Orisha Oko?

To invoke Orisha Oko and pray to her, we must bear in mind that this Orisha is tied to the earth, so all the harvested fruits are offered to her, in addition to all kinds of dried meats, yams, beans, etc.

Goats, pigeons and rooster are also sacrificed to him.

To pray to him we light a candle and ask him with great faith to listen to us, speaking to him of our joys and sorrows, of our sufferings and of all that we have advanced.

Without forgetting to thank you, we implore you to treat us with good results, to bring us success and prosperity.

I pray to ask Orisha Oko for prosperity and success at work

Orisha Oko, you who represent honest work and work hard in agricultural work and crops.

My divine farmer, you who give strength to life and provide the means of support and food necessary to live.

You who are the Earth itself and bless the fruit it produces

Hear me, Orisha of the fields, and help your devoted son to find a good job, which may bring me abundance and prosperity

Orisha Oko bless me and my family with good work results, so that there is always food on our table and good fortune is not lacking in my home.

Orisha Oko, you who are considered an impartial arbitrator of disputes, remove injustice from my life with your calm and your good sense

Hear my request, O hard worker! And don't forsake your devoted son

Remove financial difficulties and misery from my home and instead bring love and fortune

Thank you, Orisha Oko, for always blessing my work and helping me follow my destiny on a safe path.

So be it

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