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I pray to Orishaoko to get pregnant and protect her belly with health

I pray to Orishaoko

Es Orisha Oko life itself, sustenance, food, fertility, who gives strength to life because it provides the means to sustain it by giving the food necessary to live.

It is strongly related to Oggún the god of iron, due to the closeness of both Orishas in terms of their work and to Olokun the owner of the Ocean, due to the Yoruba pataki that unites them as husband and wife.

His cult comes from Saki territory, west of Òyó.

Orisha Oko, is considered the arbiter of disputes, especially among women, although she is often the judge of problems between the Orishas.

His calm and sense of justice is said to cause many to turn to him as an impartial arbiter, seeking his advice.

He is an eager worker and keeper of secrets, about his physique it is said that his testicles hang to the ground, due to his iron chastity.

Asking Orisha Oko for the miracle of fertility and to provide protection:

Orisha Oko ensures the prosperity of the crops, his messengers are the bees and he represents prosperity and fertility, that is why sterile women turn to him.

Many women are the ones who pray to her for the fertility of her womb and the protection of the unborn child.

Women who wish to have the happiness of becoming pregnant, of creating life, pray to Orisha Oko and many in the face of distressing fertility problems entrust themselves with faith and go to this Orisha to grant them his blessing and ask him to help them carry them a new life in her womb.

A candle is lit, and giving light to Orisha Oko is asked with great faith, heart and love. It is very important to offer gratitude and then ask the Orisha.

Prayer to Orisha Oko to give "the blessing of being a Mother"

My Orisha Labrador, you who bless the earth and the fruit that it brings us

You who bring stability, prosperity and luck in all tasks

And that you fill the earth with your calm and your sense of justice

Orisha, hard worker and keeper of secrets, listen to my request

Bless my belly and give me the luck to be a mother

Orisha Oko, make it possible for me to carry a life within me so that my happiness is complete

Help me, Lord of the Earth, so that I may have the happiness of forming a family and making my home together with it.

Orisha del Labrado, allow my belly to be fertile and my little one to be born healthy and strong

Give me the fortune, sir, to walk accompaniedañatake the path of life and drive away the difficulties that may lie in wait for me

Thank you my Orisha, for always blessing my steps, for giving me love, health and a dignified and prosperous job.

So be it

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