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I pray to the Orishas to thank this year and pray for many good things

I pray to Orishas

A new cycle is coming, a new year, a new opportunity that was given to us to enjoy life from gratitude and faith.

We must not forget Never that these dates are opportune to give thanks for everything and not only for the good, in this life we ​​must learn that obstacles also bring us teachings and wisdom and without them we could not be wiser.

As religious we must understand the importance of giving thanks to our Saints and Orishas, ​​and to all the spirits who administer us, so that they feel that we are grateful for everything they give us each year.

Regardless of whether dark situations came to us this year, we must learn from them, ask ourselves what was the lesson that came to us as a gift and ask for more strength to face what comes.

May love come to our homes on these days of peace, health and faith come, the most important pillars in our lives, because without health we have nothing.

A very nice prayer dedicated to the Gods, Orishas and Eggun

We share a prayer that we can make to the Yoruba deities, if you want you can also añasay the words that are born with faith from your heart.

  • Before doing this Prayer to the Orishas, ​​light a white candle, a wick or whatever you have, the important thing is to give light with love and faith, so that we are heard and our prayer is answered.

Today and always I thank and I ask Olofin, Olorun and Oloddumare to bless us  

I give infinite thanks to each one of the Orishas, ​​gods and spirits that guide me in life

I ask and thank Elegguá for opening the paths of health, luck and love 

I beg Oggún to save us from evil and traps with his machete 

I implore Oshosi to catch everything good with his bow and arrow so that it reaches us

I pray to Osun much healing for the world and to guard us the steps

I beg my father Obbatalá the great creator, peace and tranquility for all, especially health  

I implore Oshún that his blessing accompany us with love, sweetness and joy 

I invoke the power of Yemayá to protect and protect our paths in life with its waters

I ask to Oyá that with its winds it carries all the good and away the bad from us forever

I beg Shango to raise his ax to overcome each of the difficulties 

I ask Orunmila for a lot of wisdom to win, to make good decisions in life

Obba, please I ask you for a lot of love and a lot of patience so as not to suffer in this life

Yewa, you who know about sacrifices, do not abandon us in the most difficult moments

Ozain great healer, I beg you to heal the diseases that attack us

Invoking the power of Aggayú so that with his strength he sustains us and never lets us fall into the abyss

I ask Babalú Ayé to take care of everyone, with health and warding off diseases from the world

And I acclaim the power of the ancestors and ancestors who do not leave us alone and with their light reach us 

I ask the Eggun and protective spirits that their light always illuminate us to have clarity and unfoldment

Thank you, thank you, infinite thanks for everything I have.

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