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Powerful prayer to mother Oshún to attract Money and Prosperous ways

I pray to Oshún for money

The devotees of Oshún, the beautiful orisha of the Yoruba pantheonThey bring offerings to the river and ask for his favors by making prayers, begging for paths of abundance, love and health to be opened.

On this occasion we ask the mother of fresh waters to grant us her protection, help us by fulfilling our request and allow our life to be abundant and money to flow.

But before performing the Prayer to Oshún for money, learn more about this goddess than in the Rule of Osha or Santeria, she is revered for her great powers and her gift of providing prosperity and love to those who come to her.

The power of Oshún in Santeria How does this deity help us?

Oshún syncretizes, a product of the mixture of different religions such as the Yoruba and the Catholic, with the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre and through this syncretization the lovers who separate meet again.

Both goddesses, the virgin and the African orisha, are providers of love, sweeten the paths of lovers, so that they never lack the attraction and the strong ties that unite them.

But it is not advisable to pray to Oshún when what is required in a relationship is to restore the destroyed trust, or when there is a very strong lack of love between the members of the couple.

And not only in love, the goddess will always help you in those you need, whether you are in very good health and you just want to ask Oshún to continue taking care of you or if you have any discomfort, remember to have a lot of faith to entrust your health to Oshún.

Her energy and power can take care of you, hug you and give you all her love like a mother.

In all the legends where Oshún appears, she is described as a deity who is very vain and very capricious who always gets her way, that is why it is said that when a couple cannot procreate they must reconcile with her, and the goddess will bring fertility.

How to ask the Orisha Oshún for Money and Fortune?

Make the prayer to Oshún to ask for money with great faith, you can put five sunflowers, which are his favorite flowers, and the number five his brand.

You will also light a yellow candle for five days each day for a while, while you pray with this beautiful prayer to Oshún to bring money and good things.

Beautiful Oshún, owner of gold, enlighten and open my ways, attend to my needs, pour your gold over my family, may I never suffer hunger, misery or ruin and may we not lack your blessing and prosperity in the future.

Oshún, listen to me, I beg you, life is not easy at all, Oshún has given me a strong and great blow, that's why I come to you, because your wisdom can help (make the request that you need).

I beg you, Oshún, fulfill this wish and I will never ask for anything, I will thank you every day of my life and you will be the greatest thing for me. Praised be Oshún.

Learn about some of the beautiful offerings that we can give to Oshún:

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