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A prayer to Oshún to ask for peace, love and union: The Orisha of clear water

I pray to Oshun for peace

Among so many moments of hostility and darkness, so much bloodshed, so many refugees, so many shattered lives, we must seek comfort in those who with their light can guide our path and show us the paths of good energies, peace, faith, happiness. and wisdom.

To the beautiful and powerful Oshun, Orisha of the clear waters in the Yoruba Pantheon, Lady of Love, we ask for your help and strength in these difficult times.

To the protector of your children, we beg you to put love before war in the world, to return union and trust between your children and to allow us to move forward and jump over these stormy challenges.

Tips for dedicating a prayer to the Orisha yoruba Oshun

In syncretism with the patron saint and protector of Cubans, the Virgin of Charity of Copper, we pray to Oshún and ask for her powerful protection, strength in the face of obstacles, happiness and above all… Lots of love to end any conflict.

The goddess of love likes that her devotees and faithful thank her every day for the little things and that they always keep her in mind and not only when she fulfills her wishes.

essential offerings who worships the golden goddess

Honey, Oshinshin and five beautiful sunflowers are the elements that are usually offered both to thank and to make a request.

In addition to other foods such as gofio and honey from bees, olelé (bean bread in the shape of a tamale) with saffron, sweets of all kinds and pumpkins.

One of the best offerings to thank the goddess is a bouquet with the 5 most beautiful sunflowers that we can find, which we can leave in the current of the river to decorate her temple.

We can light an amber, gold, yellow or white candle, and thus respectfully present our request.

We dedicate this prayer to Oshun for peace and love

Before making this prayer to Oshún the Orisha of the Rivers and the clear water, to ask for peace and love, choose a quiet place to ask her, if you can go to the river, her much better natural temple.

Oshun, beautiful and powerful, Mother of clear waters

Lady, in these difficult times I come to you waiting for your guidance, your protection and your strength so that we can overcome the dangers.

I ask that you turn your compassionate gaze on your children and restore love and faith to the face of the Earth.

Guide us to peace, lead us on the path made with the sweetness of honey

Oshún, brave woman, give us the courage to build peace, give us the strength to be its artisans

Transform our fears into trust and our tensions into forgiveness and, above all, teach us to love again

Banish from the hearts of your children the ideas of division, hatred, war.

so be it ma'am

Powerful rituals in the name of the goddess Oshun:

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