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How to ask a Favor to Osun, the Orisha custodian of humanity?

I pray to Osun

Osun is Olofi's messenger, Orisha custodian and vigilant of the believers of the Yoruba Religion.

The energy of Osun protects the religious and gives him balance, he always lives high and it is said that when he falls, he announces a near death, misfortune or illness.

Is one of the Warrior Orishas along with Eleguá the owner of the 4 corners, Oggún the master of iron and Oshosi the righteous hunter, the first to be received by any religious initiate, since they protect us on the spiritual path.

Osun is a senior Orisha, he acts as a messenger for Obatala and Olofin. And the soothsayer Orula relies on him to display the powers of divination.

He is the one who watches over the head of the believers in the Rule of Osha-Ifá.

Pray to the messenger of Olofin What is asked of Ozun?

  • Osún is prayed many times in syncretism with the Catholic saint San Juan Bautista, since his cult is extremely popular in the practice of Cuban Santeria or the Rule of Osha.
  • It represents the ancestral spirit that is related to the individual genealogically and therefore we always implore him to guide us and warn us of danger.
  • We ask Osun to illuminate our path and guide us through evils, dangers, misfortunes and obstacles.

Some attentions offered to the Orisha

Let us remember that its foundation must remain in a quiet and secluded place in our house, always up high, from there it guards all energies.

Remember that for no reason should you lie down or lie down while its owner remains alive. And if that person dies, Osun lies down and must go to his owner.

Osun is generally not cared for much, he is kept in a stable and firm place, to give us firmness. But it can be attended and offered.

  • We must know that Orí (cocoa butter), Efún (cascarilla) and Otí (brandy).
  • Mainly doves (eyelé) and the same animals as warriors, except rooster or chicken, are sacrificed to him.
  • Their Ewe (herbs) are the same as those of the other warriors, and also the ewe of Obbatalá.
  • Like the warriors, he should be seen early in the morning.añana and then dedicate your offerings to him.

In addition, we can venerate and entertain him every June 24, the day in which he is celebrated in syncretism in Santeria with Saint John the Baptist.

2 Prayers to ask for Osun's guidance

We must speak to Osun with great tranquility, peace and faith, in gratitude for his blessings and speaking with confidence about our joys and sorrows.

We can ask for your guidance, advice, light and foresight to make good decisions and avoid difficulties.

Mighty I pray to Osun to beg him for protection and help

The prayer to Osun is sacred, with a white candle and a lot of faith we ask you not to let us fall, and that we have strength, health and balance in life.

Osun you who are a warrior orisha, and from the heights you watch over us, and take care of our heads, Yoruba ancestral spirit that guides and warns the religious of the world that they respect you, do not abandon us, I beg you.

Vigilante, and guardian, you who symbolize our ancestors and ancestors and give us the power of firmness, open the ways and take care of us in destiny.

Be our staff to obtain the powers that you grant us, give us the real and transcendent knowledge, wisdom to make good decisions and keep us from death and disease.  

Always keep us standing, do not let us fall, give us strength, health and balance in life, grant this request that we beg of you, intercede for our help. So be it Maferefun Ozun!

We can pray to him and ask for his favor with the following prayer:

Osun, messenger and custodian of humanity, you who watch the world and warn of sorrows

Advise your humble child on the best decision to make and the safest path to follow

Help me Osun, my custodian and spiritual guide, my guardian and protector

And always warn me about bad decisions, betrayals, and false friendships.

Allow me to avoid obstacles, difficulties and dangers and give me the strength to win, to make good decisions, to amend my mistakes and transform them into triumphs

I thank you, my King, representative of life itself, for your guidance, your warnings, for making the path easier to reach my destination (attend this favor in the form of a special request)

Thank you, Osun, for your eternal advice, so be it

Learn more about the Orisha Osun and her powers in the Osha:

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