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miraculous prayer to Oyá Yansa who defeats evil and brings good path

I pray to Oyá yansa

This beautiful and powerful prayer in the name of Oyá Change we can accompany herañar of a lit candle, so that our prayers reach your power with a lot of light.

  • Sailing to use in this prayer to Oyá Yansa can be a homemade wick or a candle of any color, except black, the important thing is that it is offered with humility, faith and a lot of love.

Where can we do this prayer?

When we pray this prayer we must choose a quiet place, either in our house or in nature, and in silence concentrate on thanking and asking for what we want, but without asking for harm for anyone, Oyá it is fair and will make us pay for all the evil that lies in wait for us.

Remember Oyá yansa in the Yoruba Pantheon She is a warrior and will not stop until she achieves what you truly desire, but as religious we must also understand that what we want on a whim or stubbornness, she will take it out of our way and give us what she deems appropriate for our lives, we just have to trust.

Prayer dedicated to the beautiful Yoruba warrior Oyá

Put a lot of faith in making this prayer to Oyá Yansa:

Yansa, mother and lady, you are winds and storms, owner and lady of lost souls, I thank you for your infinite blessings.

I venerate you warrior goddess, wind that dances from all directions, divinity that works for all of us who often find ourselves lost on the paths of life.

I beg mercy for us, creatures who live on the verge of temptation, often oblivious to the love of Father Olorun, help us direct our paths.

Mother, lend us your decision and your courage to find our own being, give us health, abundance and evolution.

I put my actions in you so that you help me decide, in the light of your light, and I give you every minute and hour of my days, my work, my concerns, my desires and my desires.

Let me look at your powerful light, so that I understand everything I must do and have the strength not to give in to the evil that I try to overcome in my life.

May we all be more fraternal, more brothers, more understanding and capable of forgiving. Give us a sign of hope and triumph.

Help us eradicate the poverty of our wrong feelings, guide us to the truth and focus our steps on the path.

Encourage us, Lady of the Rays, so that our mind follows a single direction: Love Olorun, Olofin and Olodumare. Eparrei Yansá!

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