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I pray to Ozain del Monte to ask for health, luck and spiritual tranquility

I pray to Ozain

osain He is a major Orisha of the Yoruba Pantheon, owner of nature and also classified as nature itself.

He has one hand, one leg, one eye, one big ear, and one girl, who he listens for. He is a hunter and celibate. There are those who have him as a guardian and consultant.

It is the Orisha who represents the same plant force, for being the owner of all the herbs that have magical powers or ashé and, as such, it is the deity of the pharmacopoeia.

It is also recognized that the full name of this deity is Osain Oguenegui Aguaddo Kuni-Kuni, although it is also known as Osain Agguchuiye.

Osain's protégés and sons are known as osainists, who must possess the wisdom and knowledge of the mountain and its herbs.

This not only requires mastery of the healing properties of wild plants, but also of their personality characteristics, conceived in an animistic and anthropomorphic way.

They should also know the tribute that Osain demands so that the collected plants do not lose their aché.

Your receptacle It is a hanging güiro that has sacred attributes such as four feathers, a jicotea carapace and clay jars with three stones from the mountain. In it it carries the strength of the Ocha taken from the herbs that give it power and encouragement.

Live together with Chango the drum king; He eats everything he eats and is believed to be able to drive away the Iku (death), as herbs, powders and other natural elements are used to drive her away.

Prayers to Ozain del Monte, the sorcerer who protects with his Ashe

Prayer to Osain

Osain is prayed above all to ward off evil, diseases and ailments, using the properties of nature itself. We entrust ourselves to this Orisha seeking her support to ward off the negative energies that surround us.

To pray to Osain, we must know that he likes the offerings of goat, jicotea, rooster, griffin and talking birds. Plus, he loves tobacco smoke.

To speak and invoke Osain, the best thing is to go to the mountain, his temple, and there meditate and pray to him in a low voice about what worries us.

Prayer to the Orisha Osain to have her protection and rid us of all evil

This is a prayer in Spanish to ask Osain for his protection. As can be seen in this prayer, a product of syncretism in the Afro-Cuban religion, the African cult is mixed with the Catholic religion. That is why various Saints are mentioned in this beautiful prayer.

I (name of the devotee) ask you in the name of God, Osain, give me health, luck and spiritual tranquility, that the works that I undertake, always come out triumphant, that you free me from justice, spell, curses, temptations, witchcraft and of all evil that they can or want to do against me.

May it free me from accidents, by land, air and sea and in any part of the world that I am, by land warn of all things day and night, may it free me from wounds from knives and fire, that the May my evil desire, my evil take away, that there is no woman or man who can tie up my will or my thoughts.

In the name of my Guardian Angel, I ask that whoever has eyes does not see me, whoever has a foot does not reach me.

To you Holy Trinity, to you Saint Anthony, Saint Peter and Saint Paul and to the seraphic Saint Norbert I ask for your union, the strength, the intelligence to be able to win and sneak away in everything I need through the sacred mantle of Sister Mercedes, for the sacred structure of the Candelaria, for the divine mantle of the Virgin of Regla.

So be it

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