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San Judas Tadeo: Prayer in his name under the light of hope

I pray to San Judas Tadeo

Saint Jude Thaddeus who was one of the most disciplined disciples of Jesus of Nazareth is currently one of the most revered saints around the world as he is considered the patron of:

  • The impossible cases and
  • desperate causes.

Due to this reason, his name is pronounced by many devotees who obtain consolation through his prayers and the hope that their dilemma will be resolved sooner or later.

San Judas Tadeo in the biblical world is a symbol of fidelity

Saint Jude Thaddeus

This saint has the peculiarity of attending only to requests that are evoked by the light of a green candle, a color that symbolizes:

  • The hope,
  • the renaissance and
  • the possibility of new and better opportunities for human beings.

San Judas Tadeo in the biblical world is a symbol of fidelity and wisdom, so under his name the arrival of decisive advice for life is requested.

This saint fights against suicide, violence and lack of reason, because during his life he believed that these attitudes were typical of animals and not of human beings.

Many of the devotees who approach San Judas Tadeo is asked to intercede in matters related to:

  • Health,
  • homes and
  • court proceedings.

Only the Creator is the judge and men must stay away from that position.

This saint does not exonerate the guilty of their sins, but reserves the intention of judging so that this action is ruled by God, for which he advises the world that:

Only the Creator is the judge and therefore we human beings must stay away from that position.

Powerful prayer to San Judas Tadeo to make a request

Oh revered Saint Judas Tadeo, faithful servant and friend of Jesus.

Many are those who honor you and invoke you throughout the world, as the patron of impossible cases and desperate causes.

Pray for me that I feel so helpless and alone.

Please get me visible and quick help.

Come quickly to my aid in this moment of great tribulation that afflicts my soul so that I can receive comfort and help from heaven in all my needs, trials and sufferings, particularly in this one (make the request) and that I can praise God with you always

I promise you blessed Saint Judas Tadeo, that being always aware of this great favor that you will reach me, that I will always honor you as my powerful special patron and I will encourage with enormous gratitude, your wonderful devotion.


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