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I pray to Yemayá Okute: Divine Mother and warrior who defends in war

I pray to Yemaya Okute

The path of Yemayá Okute, Okunte or Okuti is one of the most recognized avatars of the queen of the sea, it is also known by other names such as Okute Odofe Iyagba, Okunté Oggunasomi, or Okuadume and Ikondole for the ararás.

So powerful is she, that it was she who made the ocean at the beginning of the universe.

Her character is one of the qualities that most identifies her among Yemayá's paths, since she is usually angry, angry, challenging, and can even become very severe and spiteful.

However, she is merciful and kind, which is why the devotees of this deity always ask her to fulfill their requests and grant them miracles, such as curing illnesses or personal problems.

7 Characteristics of the Yoruba goddess Yemayá Okute

So, who is Yemayá Okute? Let's see some of his qualities in the Yoruba pantheon:

  1. It lives in the virgin forest or in desolate places, but it also belongs to the sea, and there it lives specifically in the reefs of the coast.  
  2. She is a witch and sorceress, recognized as "The Gatekeeper of Olokun", the lord of the depths in the Yoruba religion.  
  3. Within her Yoruba family she is known as the wife of Oggun, the owner of the iron in the Rule of Osha (Santeria).
  4. Its color is pale blue, representing the waters of the sea. That is why their elekes or necklaces are blue and ultramarine water.
  5. In her personality she is seen as an indomitable warrior, she carries two machetes as her power tools into battle and carries a knife at her waist.
  6. She is very hardworking and also uses her husband Oggun's tools to fight.
  7. Among his animals is the mouse, which is his messenger to convey advice and warnings to his children, and the snake, with which he dances while carrying it coiled in his arms.

Beautiful prayer dedicated to Queen Yemayá Okute

My "Queen of the Sea", you who have a great temperament to protect your children and take care of all those who ask you for help from your maternal energy, protect us great goddess.

Help us maintain harmony in the family, oh, sovereign mother of the waters, come to me in this moment of anguish, with my faith and devotion lighting this candle, (light a blue candle) to illuminate my requests and paths.

I know that you are severe with injustices, and you will help me, mother Yemayá, just as you control the force of the waters, come and help me with what I need (make the request).

Yemayá Okute, I know that I can find you in the river, in the sea, in the lagoon or in the mountainsand that From the reefs you take care of us with your pearly blue mantle, I beg you, cover my life and all those around me with joy.

You, who are the gatekeeper of Olokun, take away with those waters of power everything bad, diseases and my enemies, change their thoughts so that their hearts are kind.

Join us in battle like the great indomitable warrior that you are, and may your two machetes save us from all fear and anguish.

Great witch and sorceress help solve what ails me and accompany me on this path so that the evils do not reach me.

Oh, sovereign mother Yemayá, I thank you in advance, because I have faith that you will be with me.

How to celebrate and venerate Yemayá?

The religions that venerate Yemayá know that she is the divine mother, therefore they trust and have faith in her power.

Within the Yoruba religion, September 7 is one of the most important dates, since on this Yemayá day the Orisha is honored in syncretism with the Virgen de Regla (in Cuban Santeria).

All the fervent devotees of Yemayá will come to pay her a great tribute, with their best offerings, music and dance, on the seashore, either on their day or when they wish to venerate her.

In the African religion, Yemayá is given:

  • Offerings in the form of flowers that are thrown into the water, mainly on the beaches and coasts.
  • Yemayá is very flirtatious, which is why she appreciates carnations and roses, she is one of her deity's favorites.
  • Blue or white candles dedicated to her to light the paths.

At the end of the article we share some of his favorite offerings to make them step by step.

Short prayer to Yemayá Okute for protection

Divine mother, protector of fishermen who governs humanity, give us protection.

Oh sweet Yemaya, cleanse our auras, free us from all temptations.

You are the force of nature, beautiful goddess of love and kindness.

Help us by discharging all impurity from our lives and may your great energy protect us, giving us health and peace. May your will be done. So be it.

When to ask the Queen of the Sea for intercession?

Both Yemayá and her path Yemayá Okute are invoked to:

  • Protect homes, families, pregnant women and children.
  • As a mother, she helps with love affairs and is invoked to attract and recover love.
  • Help during childbirth, since it is the representation of fertility in the Afro-Cuban religion.
  • It must be called to pray for protection and open paths in life.
  • In general, it helps us to recover from illnesses, bring abundance and face enemies.

Now that we know much more about this beautiful Orisha, and when we should invoke her, we recommend that you make an offering with great faith and love in her power.

We share offerings and rituals in the name of Yemayá:

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