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Ozain's prayer to beg him for Health and to ward off all Sickness

Prayer of Ozain

Ossain or Ozain It is a powerful orisha that represents the mountain, the earth, medicine, the healing of diseases with the magic of nature, it symbolizes the wisdom and powers of all plants.

He is the absolute owner of the forest and the vegetation that is gathered there, a celibate hunter and a great connoisseur of the magical properties of herbs, which is why he is the energy of the pharmacopoeia.

The prayers to this great Orisha of ancestral powers are sacred, and we address him, as the wise doctor who cures and protects in disease, but first let us know some powerful qualities of Ozain in the Yoruba religion.

10 Characteristics of Ozain del Monte, that you should know ...

  1. He is a major Orisha of the Yoruba Pantheon, owner of nature and also classified as nature itself. In the Yoruba religion it is the same plant force, as it is the owner of all the herbs that have magical or aché powers.
  2. He takes refuge in the middle of the mountain, where he lives alone. He has only one eye, only one leg, one arm, a large ear, and a small ear that is what he listens for. They say that this is the case due to a confrontation with Shango.
  3. His cult comes from the land of Takua, Yesá and Òyó. It is not done directly to the head, its worship is exclusive to the Babalawós and the Oloshas receive it, but do not deliver it. There are those who have him as a guardian and consultant.
  4. Those who swear in Ozain are called Ossainists and they must know all the properties of the Ewes (herbs) and the sacred songs used to make the omieros (spiritual water prepared from herbs) in the Yoko Osha.
  5. Ozain is one of the most important energies of Osha, as it is present in the Yoko Osha, Ebbós, Orisha meals or in the sacred necklaces ceremonies.
  6. This Orisha of immense powers is the one who guards the Batá drums and the one who gets the ashé for Orula's divination tasks.
  7. His full name is Ossain Aguenegui Aguaddo and Kurí Kurí, although he is also known as Ossain Agguchuiye.
  8. He is a great friend of warriors Oggun and oshosi, by the relationship of these with the forest. It is said that together they roam the mountains.
  9. Sacred in the Yoruba religion is the so-called Osain Treaty, which brings together all the knowledge of the nature and properties of the herbs or Ewe used in Santeria.

The Osain Treaty It is an encyclopedic text and a must-read for all Osainists. Its three volumes reflect the characteristics of each of the herbs used in spiritual works, in addition to the prayers and prayers that must be pronounced for ceremonies and rituals.

  1. Osain is syncretized with various saints of the Catholic cult such as San Antonio Abad and San Silvestre. Greetings Ashé Ossain, moguayé!

Let's invoke healing with a powerful Prayer to Ozain:

To Ozain we also offer prayers asking him to heal us from ailments and diseases with the power that herbs accumulate and that only he dominates.

And more in these moments when the world is being plagued by disease.

That is why we pray to him calmly and with great faith in his powers and we talk to him about the evil that afflicts us, always asking him to restore us to health and to remove the shadow of illness from our home.

We can light a candle for him, and in the light of this we first thank and then beg him to intercede on our behalf.

With this prayer we ask Ozain to heal us and restore us to health:

Ozain, Orisha of nature, powerful are you and immense are the forces you possess

You who are the same plant force, for being the owner of all the herbs that have aché.

Orisha wise, knowledgeable of all plants, animals and minerals

You who are a fortune teller and with all your knowledge you save life and strengthen yourself for war

doctor, owner and sage of all the secrets of nature, help me I implore you, in this great need

Do not abandon me Ozain, and help me to continue walking on the path that you have opened for me

You who know each herb and its power and use them to do good and help your devotees in need.

Help me, Lord of the mountain, to regain my health and remove disease and pain from my body and my house.

Cure me with the aché of your herbs and allow me to be healthy again to continue advancing along the path of life until I reach my destination.

Guide me and advise me, Ozain

Deliver me from diseases, accidents, by land, air and sea and keep away the wounds of knives and fire,

may evil never come to me or my family

Take away pain and suffering with your powers, Father Ozain, and allow us to let negative energy creep into my house

Thank you, Lord, for your blessings, for your permanent guidance and protection.

So be it

Learn more about the Orisha Osain del Monte:

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