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What is required of Obba? Mother Orisha I beg you to take care of me and guide me in life

Prayer Obba Nani

Obba is the Orisha of sacrifice and of the deep feelings in the Yoruba religion.

We ask her to guide us in all sentimental matters and to help us find trust and harmony in the world in which we live.

Many people also pray to him to help them maintain marital happiness after marriage.

What are the defining characteristics of Obba Nani in the Yoruba religion?

  1. Obba is a female deity associated with love and all the sacrifice that that feeling can generate in a person.
  2. She is an Orisha closely linked to the cult of death and spirits.
  3. Obba represents the sweet woman, but determined and brave, as she is a strong and warrior deity, with a powerful character that can subdue her enemies and defend what she values ​​most.
  4. It is closely related to love relationships and all the suffering that, on certain occasions, is associated with this intense feeling that makes us react in extremely unexpected ways.
  5. Represents fidelity in marriage due to his Pataki next to Shango, King of Thunder, in which it is said that Obba cut off her own ear to feed her husband and make him happy.
  6. Obba is linked in nature with the power of lakes and lagoons, in fact, it has the same name as the Obba River, located in the states of Oyó and Osun in Nigeria.
  7. His name, in the Yoruba language, literally translated means "The king's soup", also as a reference to his Pataki or legend with Shango.
  8. Obba represents faithful and unrestricted love and some legends refer that it is so powerful that only the orisha Oggún, Lord of Iron, could defeat it once.
  9. She is a dead Orisha, who haunts cemeteries, along with two other deities: Oyá and Yewa. She specifically guards the tombs and protects the bodies in them.
  10. Obba syncretizes with two Catholic saints: Saint Catherine of Alexandria and Saint Rita of Casia, strong and brave women, closely linked to the expression of love and faith.

Attentions dedicated to the Orisha of fidelity: Oba Nani

We must attend Obba and always thank her for her blessings, so that she supports us and helps us when facing our deepest feelings and expressing them.

This deity helps us to communicate better and to live in harmony with those who are dear to us.

Therefore, we must always express our faith and devotion to him through prayers and offerings.

The type of offering will vary depending on the ritual that is being developed, but they will always constitute a token of appreciation for your protection and intervention.

Offerings that can be given to the Orisha:

Among the offerings that are made include raw yam and usually the sacrifice of some animals such as the goat, the dove and the hen is also offered.

Likewise like corojo butter, fruits, cascarilla and grape, and its ewes (herbs) are the following:

  • The ebony caponero.
  • The plum.
  • Brown.
  • Mahogany.
  • The coastal hazelnut.
  • Caleta grape.
  • Mahogany.

Where can we worship her and invoke her power?

This type of offerings can be placed on an altar that is located in a quiet and secluded place in our house and can be decorated with flowers, food, candles, with colors such as pink and purple.

We can also go to the lakes, her temple, and there call her to help us and protect us and thank her at the same time for all her blessings.

However, Obba's power can invoke him wherever he wants, just having faith and begging him, it will be enough for her to listen to him with love.

If we pray to him with faith and then tell him about our concerns and misfortunes as if we were speaking to our mother, we can be sure that Obba will listen to us and guide us on the path of happiness.

What requests can we make to Obba, the Orisha of feelings?

Due to its conception as a deity related to love and marital fidelity, people normally turn to it when they are in a marital and relationship crisis, also to attract love.

But we must know that Obba in her role as a warrior also provides us with immense protection.

We also pray to Obba to:

  • Overcome love crises that are lived after a break. She can lead us in the best possible way and guide us to overcome sorrow and sadness, because we will love and smile again.
  • Attract love or make our soul mate return to us. Obba can help us in any matter related to love, either to find it or to bring that person we love so much back to us.
  • Protect us. As we explained, Obba is an extremely protective goddess of all her children and devotees. Impetuous and brave, she not only guards the graves, but also the homes of her faithful, preventing evil from penetrating.
  • Make our requests: We can ask this Yoruba goddess in general what we want, be it health, fortune, love, union, prosperity and happiness in our life and she as a mother will listen to us.

Two powerful prayers to Obba Nani to ask for his help How do we do it?

Different prayers are raised to Obba depending on the favor we want to ask of him, and above all we ask the Orisha of the sacrifice to guide us in love matters.

We must know that these prayers should be made with the utmost respect for the powerful Orisha and with great faith in her powers.

Before praying to the Orisha we can light a pink or white candle, or a simple wick in her name to give her light.

After this ritual we began a quiet prayer, talking with the deity about our day to day.

Powerful prayer to Obba Nani to have protection and make special request

Obà! Lady of fresh waters, help me overcome obstacles in my professional and financial life.

With your power, remove my enemies and all those who wish evil for my ways and save those I love very much.

Obà Orisha powerful that gives love, protects my love life and always brings understanding to my relationship.

Powerful warrior, give me courage and strength to face daily challenges and remain serene with all who cross my paths.

Mother Obá, possessor of the power of concentration on the Divine Throne of Knowledge, we ask for your sacred help.

Right now, Mother Obá, our activities (make your request) are in disarray,

but with the strength and power of your Ashe, everything can be solved in the best possible way according to the merits of each one.

My dear Mother Obá, pour Your blessing on us, bringing harmony, balance and concentration.

So be it!

We pray to Obba that love and harmony prevail in our life

He is prayed mostly for favors for the harmony of the couple and married life, for the happiness of the home and the union of the family.

Prayers are also raised for the sake of achieving tranquility after a crisis or love breakup.

Obá, Mother, powerful warrior and unequaled wife, who out of love offered what you thought was most precious for the loved one.

My queen, I ask you, do not let any weaponry cut or maim the love of my beloved.

Beautiful and powerful goddess, if for some reason other eyes look at you, qlet it not be my eyes that cry for him.

With your support, Gran Obba, I know that I should not fear anyone. I know that with your immense powers you will protect me and nothing will be a danger to me.

Let joy and love reign in my life, and drive away, Great Orisha, deception and betrayalqLet no one hurt my feelings, Lady of the fresh waters

Take care of me (say your name) now (say the name of the person you love)

That there is nothing or no one to keep us away. Hail and reines, Obba.

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