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How to ask Oshún and Yemayá to get pregnant? Prayer to Two Waters

I pray Oshún and Yemayá

I beg you my dear Oshún and my mother Yemayá, that with your sacred mantle and with your infinite love you touch my belly, and allow it to become fertile so that I can conceive a child that I desire so much.

Sadly, nature has denied many couples fertility for one reason or another, but not the possibility of being parents, since they can always adopt one.

However, many women and men want to be able to give life, and bring their offspring to the world, so we rejoice in the power of the Orishas, so that they intercede.

So that you or a woman can get pregnant, pray to Oshún and Yemayá, also named by their devotees as the Two Waters, for being queens that rule the sweet and salty waters of the universe.

With this prayer for fertility and a lot of faith, you will see how the family begins to grow with the arrival of a new being.

We entrust ourselves to the power of Oshún and Yemayá to ask for fertility:

Oshún is a Yoruba goddess with many beautiful powers and her gift is also to provide prosperity, life and abundance to those who come to her.

The orisha Oshun can be worshiped, ask for miracles and accompanying favors.añatwo of multiple offerings that will undoubtedly reward your faith and devotion.

Prayers are also raised to her to ask for luck in family life and the blessing of having children.

It is very important to have faith, so that the power of your five handkerchiefs will bless us and that we will have an open path to health, happiness and prosperity.

Yemayá in the Yoruba pantheon She is also a powerful protective mother who gives life, she is the womb of the world, the mother who held us all for nine months in her womb.añas, so you should also ask him so that the pregnancy has no risks or complications.

Yemayá is considered one of the most powerful Orishas and all kinds of prayers are addressed to her, most of them asking for love, prosperity and, above all, health and fertility.

Together, Oshún and Yemayá, are the two waters, the queens to whom we ask open roads and that their waters destroy the bad.

How to invoke the power of the Two Waters?

Pray and ask Oshún lighting yellow and gold candles and to make any prayer to Yemayá, you must light a white candle, or blue like the sea.

You can also ask Him in your prayers for whatever you want, be it fertility, ask for the blessing of a child, protect the home, or beg open paths for good fortune, true love and excellent health.

Before beginning the prayer, we can entertain Oshún and Yemayá with their favorite offerings and light their candles in a quiet and solitary place, either at home or in nature, near their waters in rivers, seas, mouths.

The flowers are a beautiful offeringWe can place 5 sunflowers in Oshún and 7 white roses in Yemayá.

  • At the end of the article we leave a very beautiful work to both orishas.

I pray Oshún and Yemayá for fertility and protection

First we will thank, then we pray and talk to you like a mother about all the good things in life, about our problems and difficulties and we will ask for your help and support to solve them.

Oh mother Yemayá and sweet Oshún, in addition to controlling the force of the waters, come and help me in what I need (make the request). 

O sovereign mothers of the waters, come to me in this time of affliction, with my faith and devotion lighting this candle, (light a blue and a yellow candle) to illuminate my requests and paths. 

Yemayá with your pearl blue tunic and Oshún with your golden mantle, cover my life with joy and all those around me and those who believe themselves to be my enemies, sovereign mothers, change your thoughts so that they become worthy and remove hatred from their hearts . 

Help me to solve what ails me and accompany me on this path so that the evils do not reach me. 

Divine Mother Yemayá, protector of fishermen and who governs humanity, give us protection. 

Oh sweet Yemaya, cleanse our auras, free us from all temptations. 

You are the force of nature, beautiful goddess of love and kindness, listen to this plea.

Help us by unloading our difficulties from all impurities and may your power protect us, giving us health and peace. Let your will be done this way. 

Oshún, I beg you, with your power, from this moment, and by opening all the positive energy of being, I can thus plant and finally secure my first seed of fertility with love and affirm my root.

Queens, may I be like your sweet and salty waters that follow the path of the rivers, cutting stones and running waterfalls, following their path, and thus, I ask you with my prayers to bring me the son that I so desire.

O mothers of the two waters, the sweet and the salty, I thank you in advance, because I have faith that you will be with me. Ashé.

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