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My Orisha Eleguá, accept this prayer daily and remove evil from my house

Prayer for Eleguá

Elegguá is the most mischievous and intelligent of the Orishas, his wisdom is so far-reaching that Olofin always consults his opinion before making a final decision.

Monday is the day of the week suitable for serving the owner of the 21 roads, offering him candy, sugar water, bread, brandy and tobacco smoke.

Elegguá the Orisha Guerrero, the first saint to be received

This Orisha is syncretized in the Catholic religion with the Santo Niño de Atocha.

The corojo butter called in the Yoruba religion as Epo is used to refresh the representation of Elegguá.

Eshú, as it is also called, integrates the so-called warrior Orishas, ​​being the first saint that a religious receives to initiate the practices of Osha-Ifá.

He is a deity that brings luck and stability to the person, he must be counted on before the performance of various ceremonies because without his blessing the plans fall apart and the firmness does not reach the ilé (home) of the awo.

Some of the powerful avatars of Elegguá

There are various avatars of Elegguá among these we can mention:

  • Alawana the one who lives in the savannah,
  • Afra the one who lives in hospitals,
  • laroye the Elegguá who lives at the door of the house,
  • ashikuelu holy what habita in the caves and hollows,
  • akokoriye the one who likes to smoke tobacco,
  • baralajiki who protects from betrayals and disappointments and
  • Wing Lu Banshe, the owner of destiny among others.

The truth is that Elegguá never abandons his playful and burlesque stance.

The religious must pay the debts that he has with this deity because Eshu will delay, but sooner or later he will come to claim what was promised.

Prayer for Eleguá, Holy Protector of the Roads 

To you Lord of the roads, illustrious warrior, immortal prince, I raise this humble prayer.

Remove evil from my house and wait in my absence or presence when I am awake or asleep and accept my daily prayer to the great Olofin asking for the best for you with all my love.

Owner of the four corners, major of the road, my father, take away the bad, to be able to walk with great health, I beg you that there are no illnesses, that there are no losses, that there are no deaths.

In the name of all the children of the house, I thank you, my father, Elegguá.

Laroye, Laroye, in the name of Olofin, Olorun and Olodumare, the blessing.

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