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When lighting a candle to Eleguá, make this powerful prayer and pray with faith

I pray to light a candle to Eleguá

Among the orishas of the Yoruba religion is Eleguá the warrior to whom we pray to open paths.

It is he who controls the realms of good and evil, creating a balance between the two forces.

Deity owner of destiny, the one who opens or closes the path of life, messenger of the gods with great power who even has influence over other deities.

Its name means "the messenger prince" and he is the guardian of the roads and the mountains, he is the first of the four warriors together with Ogún the master of iron, Ochosi the hunter, and Osun the lookout. 

Eleguá is a deity that engaña and at the same time, he sends armies to save the earth and men when obstacles block the way.

In the Santeria or Rule of Osha it is syncretized with the Santo Niño de Atocha and San Antonio de Padua.

Some recommendations to venerate and invoke the Orisha:

If you truly trust in the power of the orisha of the path, lead with faith the prayer of Eleguá that we share to open paths, and it will help you to clear your path.

  • Pray this prayer for three days in a row.
  • It begins to be held on a Monday, the day of the week in Eleguá.
  • During those three days light a white or red candle, and while it is being consumed ask Eleguá for everything you need, but always be grateful.
  • Put some candy, candy, toys, or whatever you want to put on it.
  • You can place the offering you want, the Orisha will welcome it as long as it is from the heart.

At the end of the article we leave some of the offerings that you can offer to the orisha.

A prayer to Eleguá to open the roads and ask for his great protection

This is some of the prayers that we can offer to the orisha, a special prayer to light a candle to Eleguá and beg her to intercede on our behalf and help us.

"Eleggua, Lord and Master of the roads and doors and opportunities and destiny of our lives, make me protect my path some night and day."

 “Make health, prosperity and happiness illuminate my soul and my home, make the paths of well-being and happiness always open for me, open my paths to success, close my doors to failure.

To do in my job or business there are joys, improvements, progress and abundance.

That there are no insecurities in my direction and that no one interject their betrayal or their offense.

That there is no guarantee other than my ability and skill, becoming a great value.

Eleguá, you who are the vital force of life, defend my house as a fortress, let false witnesses sit at my table, seek me worthy work and the great honor of being my guide and light in my ways of good. 

Give me your blessings so that nothing hurts me, and with humility and fervor I ask you to grant me your favors. 

So be it.

We also venerate little Eleguá with offerings:

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