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I pray to Yemayá on the eve of her celebration: Gratitude to the Mother

I pray Yemayá eve

Today, September 6, on the eve of the Yemayá day in Santeria, we thank the goddess with this prayer, although it is a prayer that we can dedicate to her whenever we want, añagiving, if we can, a white or blue candle, fresh and beautiful flowers, or approaching the sea to his temple, and from there we speak to him and give thanks.

Iyá protector, your blessing I always ask, to help me and be my guide, my protector, my powerful comfort and encouragement during the storms of life. Be my lighthouse, always be the shining divine star that guides me, so that I never miss the safe path that leads me away from the troubled sea of ​​material life.

Thank you for your great benefits, for my health, for your unconditional love and for being my mother.

Why is Yemayá so important in our lives?

Yoruba mythology tells in many of its stories that Yemayá was the first orisha (deity) of the universe, that is why she is considered the great mother of the world.

And it is that according to the patakies or legends, Yemayá is a female orisha who was born when Olofi decided to create the world after suffocating the prevailing fire with water.

Although in Cuba there are numerous and important deities that are part of the Yoruba belief and santera practice, known as Orishas, ​​Yemayá is one of the most revered by the devout people.

Yemayá represents in our lives fertility, purification, motherhood, the origin of life, synthesized in the salty water of the seas.

Likewise, Yemayá is the orisha who is considered the mother of all children on earth and is the representation of the uterus in any species or source of life.

Although she is a mother, Yemayá is also considered a very inflexible orisha when it comes to punishing, as she does not like injustice, despite being considered an understanding and loving mother.

Its syncretism in Santería or Osha Rule

Religious syncretism determines that in Cuba the deity of the seas Yemayá is compared and venerated with the Virgin of Regla, patron saint of a town on the shores of the Bay of Havana called Regla, where thousands of Cubans go every September 7 to adore them

Currently, for many the saint of Regla and the orisha are united in a single faith, and their power is spoken of as if it were a single deity.

Regarding the devotion of Yemayá as orisha of Santería in Cuba, there are great beliefs and customs to pay tribute to her.

About his attentions, you can venerate him with what you can give him:

  • A thought, a flower, the light of a candle, a letter, a visit to the sea or the river, the important thing is the intention and gratitude.

But if you want to offer something specific to him, below we leave you some rituals in his name.

Blessings to you and may the holy mother give you health, love and a lot of faith in your life.

On his day you can also offer him to thank Yemayá:

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