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Prayers and Prayers to invoke the Giants Aggayú and San Cristobal

Prayers to Aggayú

Es Aggayu Solá an older Orisha, whom many Patakíes or Yoruba legends make visible as the father of Monkey. He is the giant of the Ocha, orisha of the dry land, deity of the desert and patron of walkers and porters.

Protector of the desert and volcanoes, of motorists, aviators and stevedores. Syncretizes in the Catholic religion with San Cristobal, Patron of the City of Havana, the holy giant who bravely crossed raging waters to protect the holy child.

The earthly forces that belong to Aggayú are a symbol of its tremendous energies, such as the power of the rivers that divide the territories, that of the lava that pierces the earth's crust, that of the earthquakes that move it and that of the impulse that spins.

We celebrate this Orisha protector of the shippers and drivers of vehicles, the caretaker of Havana on his day, July 25, although it is also celebrated on September 26 from houses and temples, allocating a space to entertain him with great devotion and respect, showering it with offerings, candles, flowers and prayers.

They greet each other with great respect saying: Aggayú Solá Kinigua oggé ibbá eloní!

Opening paths with Aggayú Solá

The Orisha of the palm, who is recognized for his long steps and because he raises his legs a lot when he walks, we pray to him for protection, for peace and health, always putting a lot of faith and devotion in our prayers.

Aggayú is, above all, a faithful protector of young children, who like to carry them on their shoulders and make them laugh. That is why many parents pray to the giant Orisha for the health and protection of their little ones.

To pray to him we can offer you nine large cookies spread with corojo butter and fruits of all kinds. He will appreciate it and hear our prayers to protect us as we travel the path of life.

Let us invoke the giant Aggayú Solá with prayers that open paths and let us converse with him, let us let him know our prayers with faith.

Prayers to the Orisha Aggayú:

Next, we present the prayer in Yoruba to invoke Aggayú Solá:

Algayú chola iye kini obá abara chola oyina obá ni na oké gbina misísiyi, awa orno nile gbogbo teriba. Awa o / e ki kó de ma gbina, ati na buruku baba me balomi

Translation to Spanish:

It is said that Algayú is the saint, but it is not so it is the seat of the biggest throne of the king; take great care of the world, that the king, lit wick, cares from afar, the king of the high candle, in our days, we children of the earth all obey, we want that the candle and bad things do not arrive. My father, come with me.

Prayer to San Cristóbal, Saint syncretized with the Orisha Aggayú Solá:

Blessed Saint Christopher,

glorious martyr and holy benefactor,

distinguished protector of all who set out on the road,

guardian, mediator and benefactor

of all those who want to reach a good destination in this life;

that you traveled the world in search of happiness

to find the truth and appease your licentious conscience,

and you did not find any master and lord to fulfill your wishes

until, in the figure of a tender Child, you found Jesus

and taking him in your arms you helped him cross the river

He rewarded your good deeds and gave you a blessing

and forever was your only God and Lord

assist us and make sure we can enjoy happiness and security,

be our advocate and protector on our paths,

give us health, work, love and well-being.

Saint Christopher blessed holy caretaker,

we come full of hope in your power of intercession

so that you free us from all evil and danger,

so that you extend your protective hand

and free us from disease,

contagions, pains and calamities,

save us from accidents, mishaps,

misfortunes and catastrophes

keep us away from enemies, 

of unscrupulous and harmful people,

cleanses, purifies and opens our paths,

so that we have prosperity and tranquility,

so that at all times and occasions

and give us your valuable help

when we find ourselves hopeless,

strength and energy to continue,

especially favor us in this that we need so much today:

(ask what you want to achieve).

Saint Christopher, martyr of the Lord,

present our requests and wishes

that we confidently deposit in your hands,

clarify our paths, watch our steps,

requests that we be freed from misfortunes,

misfortunes and sorrows of this world

so that one day we will reach the joys of Heaven.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.


Pray the Creed, Our Father and Glory.

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