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Prayers and ritual to Caridad del Cobre and Oshun for the health of the world

Prayer to the Virgin of Charity of El Cobre

Every September 8, the love of Cubans for the patron saint of this Island, for Cachita, for the Charity of Copper, by the Orisha Oshún.

A swarm of yellow garments adorned with sunflowers takes to the streets that day to celebrate the one who has won the devotion and hearts of Cubans.

In the permanent religious syncretism in Cuba, the Virgin of Charity is also Oshún, Orisha of the Yoruba religion or Cachita.

And to the different representations of the Saint, the Cubans pay her devotion. The Prayers to the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre they are destined for love, health and prosperity.

Love and devotion in the prayers to Caridad el Cobre this year

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. Prayers to the patron Virgin of Cuba, are a true praise and supplication in these difficult days that are being faced throughout the world.

Cubans now ask for the protection of the Virgen Cachita and the Mother Oshún in the face of the present stormy scene.

Also known as virgin mambisa They pray to her in Cuba, because she is a table of hope and salvation in the middle of a rough sea, as her legend tells.

And it is that, according to the Letter of the Year, Oshún, syncretized with the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, is the orisha that ruled 2020, which has encouraged the faithful to adore both representations and show them respect and loyalty.

¿How to honor Caridad del Cobre and Oshún?

Although many people they pray to the Charity of Copper Asking for your comfort and help in certain difficult situations in life, there are many simple gestures that we can dedicate to the patron saint of Cuba and the Orisha Oshún to show them our gratitude and devotion.

E.g., there are many who keep two stamps with her image in their wallet and greet her every day and ask for her blessing.

Others dedicate 5 sunflowers to his image and place a glass of fresh water in his honor.

Also to approach her and pray for the improvement of love life.

Simple ritual to open the good paths:

  • We can take a spiritual bath and mix in a tub or bucket, 5 tablespoons of honey, 5 of brown sugar, 5 pieces of cinnamon stick and 5 yellow flowers.
  • Then we add warm water and we pray to the Charity of Copper for your blessings.
  • Take the bath with great faith, giving thanks and then wear light clothing to attract the positive.

You can pray whenever you want to the holy Orisha with great humility and faith, this is a beautiful way to venerate her. We share some prayers.

Powerful prayer to the miraculous Virgen del Cobre to ask for protection

May this prayer to the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre bring us much health to all of Cuba and the world.

  • First light a yellow or white candle in her name to invoke her.

Most Holy Virgin of Charity, my mother and sovereign lady, with such joy I come to prostrate myself at your feet!

Virgin of Miracles as our elders called you: heal the sick, comfort the afflicted, encourage the desperate, preserve our families, protect youth, protect children, foster the unity of Cubans, give us above all good health.

From your Sanctuary of El Cobre, venerated Virgin of Charity, always be the source of all graces for our people.


Oshun's prayer in Yoruba to invoke her:

Oshún yeyé mi oga mi gbogbo ibu laiye nibo gbogbo orno orisha lo uwe nitosi gba ma abukon ni omi didun nitosi oni alafia ati ayo obinrín kuelu re aché wiwo ati re maru acho gele nitosi yo ayaba ewa huela nitos reri reri ati ayo ayo mo nigbati wa ibinu obinrín ikú iko Olofin, odukue

Translation of the prayer into Spanish:

My mother, owner of all the rivers in the world, where every son of a saint goes abañarse to receive the blessing of fresh water, to have happiness and joy woman with her skirt and her five handkerchiefs to dance, beautiful queen with her laughter and joy, but we must be careful because we do not know when she is angry, woman (dead), Olofi's messenger Thanks.

Both deities are merciful, maternal and kind to their children, when you feel sad and need support, find salvation in these prayers.

We share some rituals in the name of Oshun, the African goddess:

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