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Prayers to Eleguá, Obatalá and Olokun for health

Prayers to the orishas

We thank the Orishas and ask them with prayers and prayers to support us when going through difficult situations in life. We also implore your support and understanding at all times.

And, above all, we pray to the Orishas for health, for ours, that of our family and close people. Well, nothing is as important in this world as maintaining full health in order to enjoy life.

Asking the little giant Eleguá for health

And how is it Elegua the owner of the roads and destinies of people, is the most indicated to offer a prayer that begs for our health and protection, so that the saint helps us on the path of life.

We need to overcome many health problems or difficulties to achieve a full life, so we pray to this Orisha and implore his help.

In this way we ask for your protection against the bad:

Prayer for protection and health

Oh mighty Eleguá, warrior and master of the roads,

I address this humble prayer to you,

So that you remove all evil from me, and protect me at all times,

I invoke you in this hour and moment,

So that with your magnificent presence you protect me,

Keep bad influences away from my body and soul,

Eliminate negative energies from me,

Open the paths that you have destined for me,

So that my journey is smooth and successful,

Keep all negative shadows away from me

Illuminate me with your heavenly light,

You, warrior Orisha, who open and close all doors,

Open them to the light, but close them to the darkness,

Holy beloved Eleguá, I implore you to cleanse my body and soul,

With this spoil, everything better and abundance flow,

May all sorrows be relieved and gone with evil,

May all the good things come to me and you accompany me forever, Amen

Prayers to Obatala for health

En Obatala the entire creation of humanity is framed, and to it the presence of man on earth is owed. He is in charge of all people's heads and thoughts; the one that controls the functioning of all the organs of the body and helps the development of the human mind.

For this reason, we consider it an ideal saint to turn to when presenting a request for health, since Father Orisha helps all his devotees, so that they can solve all obstacles in life.

In this way we implore you for our health:

Obatala, King of purity, I salute you; The Owner of all the White Cloths, I ask for your complete protection, and blessing for me.

I praise you Obatala, I praise the King of the great and sacred grove, I praise the King of all Heavens, I salute the only owner of the White Cloths.

You are the owner of the White Light, which I serve.
You are the Orisha whom I serve.

The Owner of the White Light whom I follow.
Obatala Orisha who sleeps in white
, Obatalá Orisha who awakens in white.

Obatalá is in everything white.
He is the one who creates everything according to his complete will, I give him my respect.

Prayer to Olokun for protection

Olokun, the guardian of the sea, protects all his devotees and children with great love. He is a powerful Orisha who can greatly influence the health and prosperity of humans.

His energy is very loving and supportive. His association with the sea and his generosity also connects him to Yemayá and prosperity. Let us ask that its waters ward off all kinds of diseases and that it support us in the healing of our ailments.

We turn to him to implore his protection:

I praise the Spirit of the vastness of the Ocean

I praise the spirit of the Ocean that is beyond comprehension

Spirit of the Ocean, I will worship you as much as there is water in the sea

May there be peace in the ocean

That there is peace in my soul

Spirit of the Ocean, The Eternal

I give you my respect

So be it

May the Orishas Eleguá intercede with these prayers to health, opening paths, Obatalá giving peace and tranquility to our lives and Olokun with its waters clean and ward off all kinds of diseases so that we can reach our destination.

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