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Prayers to Obatala for love and abundance

Prayer to Obatala for love

Obatala He is one of the most majestic, revered and benevolent Orishas that exists in the Afro-Cuban religion, for being the one who was entrusted with the creation of the world and the human being, and of everything that exists in general, he is in himself our sculptor.

It is he, the patient father of men and Orishas, ​​who listens to problems and seeks the best solutions until he reaches justice for all equally.

Its objects of power must be immaculate, since it is the representative of thoughts and as such of purity. It is the representation of Olofin, one of his avatars who descended to Earth and its white color is a sign of purity and blessing.

We celebrate him every September 24, paying him our heartfelt tribute from our faith and devotion and praying and thanking him for his blessings.

Prayers to receive blessings from Obatala

Obbatalá must be attended to and prayed correctly, bañado and clean and you can not offer him brandy or other alcoholic beverages because according to the Patakíes, they were his misfortune.

Instead, he can be offered flowers such as white roses or white gladioli and his favorite foods that he happily receives at any time, such as rice pudding and meringue, simple and easy-to-cook sweets.

To pray to him and communicate with him, we must find a quiet space and light white candles that always help to manifest purity and justice.

Then we spoke to him in a low voice, relating our problems and joys and thanking him for the little things of the day to day.

We can go to him when we have love problems, and ask him to grant us the joy of living that feeling fully.

Prayer to Obatala for love:

King of all kings I call you

Your kingdom is in heaven

Your glory is hope

Faith and charity are your bonanza

Father of all the saints in the world

Father of all that is good, of all that is white

Your emblem is peace

Always give me your wisdom to understand what I cannot

Give me the right word for those who want and want to hear it

Give me patience and resignation,

to cope with any pain

Give me the tranquility of my spirit

When anger is my counselor and friend

King of all kings

Your kingdom is in heaven

Your glory is hope

Faith and charity are your bonanza

Father of all the saints in the world

Father of all that is good, of all that is white

Give me Your blessing to endure with altitude

What my karma would have thrown my way

Cause only I forged it or allowed it to be

Because only I have to repair it

And no other, even if I wanted to.

Because my prize is reserved

It will be the one that deserves me and not another that is fingered

Oh Father Obatalá take care of me and

(Name of individual)

At night watch me and

During the day while I sleep

I trust your holy wing, your protective mantle

I trust in all your power, sovereign redeeming king.

Our father Obbatalá can also help us with matters of material well-being, as long as we pray to him for support and showing him our devotion and faith.

Prayer to Obbatalá for abundance:

Great King Obatala

King of all white fabrics.

King who is not afraid of death

You who are the father of all heaven

And so it will always be for all generations

I ask you to be you, my king, the one to dissolve

My burdens and all my problems

Give me father Obatala the power to manifest all the abundance

Allow me

Discovering the mystery of abundance

Be you the only one capable

To conceive abundance in my life

Sacred father of all groves

He who owns all blessings

Grant me wisdom

For me to become like the white cloth that covers you

You are a great spirit of light, whom I will always serve

You are the only one who believes when you have already decided what to create

You are the spirit of light whom I will always serve

You are the one who sent me here

You are the Orisha whom I will serve

Lady, father the light in my spirit

The light, on my way

The light in every step my feet take

The light that guides all your children in the world

The light capable of helping all those

That hail your name

The light capable of curing any disease

The light that illuminates my dark nights

Be you, father Obatalá

The one who supports all those who wake up early

The one that brings happiness to each person

The one who fills the one who believes in you with joy and calm

And those who don't know you

Fill them your protection

King of kings, light turbulent spirit that builds

A big house in the middle of the jungle

My great father Obatalá

Please take care of me and all mine

Do not allow us to fall into any kind of need

Make us always have our hands full

Always give us well-being

And may we fully achieve success

Protector of the white fabrics I salute you

In an honest and gentle way I give you

Thank you, Obatalá for being my father


Remember to pray with great faith and love, everything that is offered from the heart reaches its destination.

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